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- Joe Liew Y L -

31 December, 2010

Passing Onto 2011!

Its now 31st December 2010 (Time 2151pm), time for me to wrap up my blog's journal entry for 2010.  I'm spending my new year's eve with my family and both my nephews (Cavan Leong & Cason Leong) to welcome the coming of the 2011 New Year.  Family relationship is the prime of all meanings in me, they are the core of all paths and directions; to share my times & precious moments with them are PRICELESS.  Hmmm....a whole lot to write on! but let's focus on the great moments & wonderfull experiences I ventured into this year. 

I ventured into "Photography", "Outdoor & Hiking", "Original BootCamp / Chief's BootCamp (OBC-BU)" & "Marthon".  From a non-outdoor or non-physical capable guy, I had got myself into some rather adventurous Outdoor and Physical challenging adventures.  I was never a guy interested in doing physical hardcore activities, but one non-stop hiking session up Broga Hill (Semenyih) with my buddy Kenny Kok for sunrise photography excursion; make me realized that I could actually excel myself  physically if I go the distance to realize it.  Therefore, I joint Original BootCamp / Chief's BootCamp  once introduced by my friend Sarge Dann (Daing Daniel Fitri) who is also the chief instructor for CBC-BU; amazingly it did improved my Staminas, Endurances & Core Strength.  CBC-BU training is on 3 alternate days of 1 hour session per week that drains all my energy, reforms my endurances and builds up my muscle mass drastically. 

Friends that I met along my BootCamp moments are just marvelous and wonderfull, motivating and inspiring, CRAZY is the best word to describe them who will challenge everything to break their limits; I am proud to be part of this crazy family of CBC-BU.  You guys encourages and supports me from all perspectives and gave the the strength to go beyond my ownself.  You guys are my true INSPIRATION!!!

"My Gratitudes, Appreciations and Respects to my fellow CBC-BU BootCampers who motivates and inspires each other...HOOYAH!"

My Marathon Journey began in 2010

Larian Go Green (1st Run in my life) - (Hills)
(19th June 2010)

Nike KL Run 101010 (Around the city)
(10th October 2010)

Terry Fox Charity Run (Park)
(7th November 2010)

Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM)
-My first 21km Half Marathon -
(21th November 2010)

Ipoh RoadRunners Club - 12km (Cross Country)
(12th December 2010)

Malakoff Run - 12km (Hilly)
(19th December 2010)

Go all out and I found a whole new ball game I am capable of!

20 December, 2010

Malakoff KL Race 2010

Event: Malakoff KL Race 2010
Venue: Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort
Date: 19 December 2010
Time: 0715am (Flag-Off)
Distance: 12km
Clocked-Out: 01:04 (1hour04mins)

The Run
This is my 6th official marathon run for this year 2010, it's the Malakoff KL Race.
There's 2 route in thise race, which are the 7km (1loop up & around bukit damansara) & 12km (2loops of bukit damansara).  I took the 12km route which consisted of 2 long up hills which distance of 1km each and repeated it twice.  It was a killer hill but after what I ran last sunday in the Ipoh Roadrunner Race (with 8 killer hills in 12km), I would say this is a piece of cake.  As usual participated the race with my fellow OBC-BU BootCampers, they are John Chua (12k), Joannita Jaleha Yusof (12k-Maiden Runner), Jun King (7km), Siew Peng (7km), Corp. Chun Chia Kai (12k), Freda Liu.

Flagged-off @ 0715am for men's 12km race in the Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort, I took position behind the starting line along side with John Chua.  1st 2km was going up-hill, but with all the hills running last week this is easier; and with improved running techniques that sarge & john chua taught me, I was running up-hill like on flat road.

The run was fine as I had did my training with OBC-BU & my saturday running buddies on this route a couple of times before the race.  Clocked-In after 12km @ 01:04hours and finished my race schedules for 2010.

Malakoff KL Race 2010 Route

Paramedics supported by Global Doctor

A0249 - Joe Liew Y.L.

Finisher medal
(This is Joannita's 1st official Maiden race/run & 1st finisher medal,
she had improved so much in such a short time.  Well Done & Proud of U!) 

Jun King & Joannita
(This is Jun King's 3rd race in 2010,
he did 7km and with his finisher certificate. Well Done & Great Run!)

OBC-BU BootCampers post run Cam-Whorring session
(Joe Liew, Freda Liew, Jun King, John Chua & Joannita)

No matter where we are for run race,
OBC-BU is always there (Squat Pulses to celebrate, Hooyah!)

My Official Time:
Split Time (4.3km) - 23:25.7
Split Time (8.8km) - 49:46.9
Gun Time - 1:04:44.5
Chip Time - 1:04:28.9

You'll never know Your Abilities until You Do It!
- I run w/ the encouragements from my fellow OBC-BU BootCampers,
never in my life that I run more that 10mins. 
But 2010 gave me a turning point in my life that I Ran my 1st & continuous marathon
after joining Original BootCamp @ BU (OBC-BU)
to improve my Staminas, Core Strengths & Endurances.

To Run in honor, To Live in Encouragements & To Friendship in Respects
HOOYAH to my fellow OBC-BU&SJ BootCampers, you guys brings changes in my life!

* Picture source from, facebook Joannita Jaleha Yusof.

13 December, 2010

Spritzer-KRI Annual Run (12-12-2010)

Event: Spritzer-KRI (Ipoh RoadRunner) Annual Run
Distance: 12km (Quarter Marathon)
Location: Bukit Kinding Resort - Ipoh
Date: 12-December-2010 (12-12-2010)
Time: 0730am Flag-Off
Weather: Cloudy
No. of Participants: 700 runners

The Trip
This was my 3rd official run (Quarter Marathon) for the year 2010, I pick Spriter-KRI Annual Run @ Bukit Kinding Resort - Ipoh for the sake of running & carbo-loading (Feasting) with my fellow bootcamper (from OBC-BU&SJ).  Our team of runners from OBC-BU&SJ are Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Nawal Aini Fulkifli, Aaraf Eid Pahamin Armin (Armin's Son), Rose Emini Pahamin, Nyna Mohsen, Lillian Lee and Joe Liew (Me).

Lillian Lee and I arrived first in Ipoh on saturday (11-Dec-2010) and checked-in to Hotel Excelsior.  After dropping our baggages & running gear, we headed straight for food / local cuisines of Ipoh chicken, peanut Moh Chee & Peanut Soup desert.  When the rest of the team members arrived we headed for another round of feast for Nasi Kandar / Nasi Ganja, with crispy & crunchy roast chicken, Spicy curry chicken & squids, eggs & veggies and our white rice carbo.

H2O / Aqua-loading for our run in the morning

Rose, Nyna, Lillian & Me finally went to O-Place
in search of coffee but ended up feasting on Unagi Rice,
Toast Bread & Taufu-Fah
The Run
The Run flag-off at 0730am on Sunday morning (12-Dec-2010) @ Bukit Kinding Resort - Ipoh and we went there in 2 cars.  Not knowing our directions, we were guided by d GPS which took us 1 big round circle further away from the resort's main entrance.  Luckily we asked for directions from a local and he happilly leads us to the main-entrance on a correct route, I tipped him RM10 for his sincerity and for breakfast.

We drove straight into the flag-off point ignoring the guards that restricted us to drive on the running route as we were 2mins before flag-off.  We parked our vehicles by the starting line, and dashed to the check-in counter for ribbon collection and then there goes the Flag-Off HORN and RUN.

The Quarter Marathon route was a killer with steep & high hills all the way, but with exceptional beautiful nature scenery along the way; the fresh air with the cooling temperature & cloudy skies.  Majority of the runners are from Ipoh RoadRunners Club that consisted of mostly senior citizens (Experience Runners that u'll salute their endurances)

My finishing time for this 12km run is 1:20mins with a finisher medal & finisher T-shirt.  Given the hilly terrain route, I dun mind giving it a try in the future.  But until then, I'll go for a normal flat terrain for now.

Departing for our run @ 0500am...Sleepy!
But with OBC we'r used to waking up @
this hour for Physical Training
On our way to Bukit Kinding Resort - Ipoh from Ipoh Town.

Lost our way but saved by this motor-cyclist guide
who leads us to the main-entrance

Awaiting Flag-Off

This is a fun ascending & descending hill almost 1.5 in every kilometer,
now multiply it with 12km.  (It almost killed my injured right ankle) 

From the foot-hill ran all the way up to the hill-top,
lost count of how many hills we've conquered!

Vertical Limit for runners!
200mtrs away from the finishing line, right behind of Corp. Nawal
(She was running with me since 8km to motivate
each other to keep running in this killer & hilly terrain)

Indeed a great run!

12km Finisher Tees

12km Finisher Medal

 Organiser's Complimentary Cendol Ice for all runners

In the Fellowship of Original BootCamp @ BU&SJ
we team up for Challenges & Friendships!

* Picture Sources are from, facebook pictures from Lillian Lee, Nyna Mohsen & Rose Emini Pahamin