Persistent & Determination from within the Heart!
- Joe Liew Y L -

18 April, 2010


Expression tales!

We live by expressing our own emotions!

A basic form of physical communications among living beings, may it be human-&-human or human-&-animals.  It's an expression that tells of our feeling beneath our bare skin.

The expression of trueself !


12 April, 2010

General Tso's Chicken meal!

Batu Cave - Kuala Lumpur

* This monkey knows how to enjoy a Season's Soya Milk*

*F&N Season's beverages - Good till the last drop*
This Monkey sure knows how to advertise himself

*Kiss My Arse*

*Stop shooting, Buzz Off Punk*

Batu Cave - Kuala Lumpur (10-April-2010) - Sunny Day

Was there Saturday (10-April-2010), arrived @ 3.00pm, with my photo buddy Mr. Kenny Kok.
Batu Cave situated North of KL, was a spiritual place for Hindus.  You have to climb x number of steps to reach to top cave for some Hindu ritual ceremony. 

In it there are 2 mini Hindu temples, visitors, pigeons and monkeys too.
(*Warning - those monkeys are hungry and they know there are food & drinks in the plastic bags that you are carrying & They are hostile)

Well the ambience inside is wet & cooling, anyway everyone is sweating from the steps up.


06 April, 2010

Si Ye Temple!

*Kwan Ying (The enlightenment)

*Leap of Faith

*The passing of our traditional culture to the new generation

*Praying alter

*An aging tree in a quiet corner in the heart of Kuala Lumpur
*Chicken no run

*My childhood titbits "Fried Fung Lut"

"I was born in this Hospital "Tung-Shin Hospital"

I was in downtown Kuala Lumpur on 11-Dec-2009, that day was a public holiday in PJ.

Just grabbed my photography gear and headed down to KL with my photo buddy Mr. Kenny Kwok.

Went to "Si Ye Temple" first! Do our prayers and asked for permission for photography and the answer is YES! took a couple of shots.  Was crying when we exit the temple, too smoky. "Smoke Gets In Ur Eyes" Wuahaha!

Then make our way up to Bukit Bintang and then headed back to KL office.