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12 April, 2010

Batu Cave - Kuala Lumpur

* This monkey knows how to enjoy a Season's Soya Milk*

*F&N Season's beverages - Good till the last drop*
This Monkey sure knows how to advertise himself

*Kiss My Arse*

*Stop shooting, Buzz Off Punk*

Batu Cave - Kuala Lumpur (10-April-2010) - Sunny Day

Was there Saturday (10-April-2010), arrived @ 3.00pm, with my photo buddy Mr. Kenny Kok.
Batu Cave situated North of KL, was a spiritual place for Hindus.  You have to climb x number of steps to reach to top cave for some Hindu ritual ceremony. 

In it there are 2 mini Hindu temples, visitors, pigeons and monkeys too.
(*Warning - those monkeys are hungry and they know there are food & drinks in the plastic bags that you are carrying & They are hostile)

Well the ambience inside is wet & cooling, anyway everyone is sweating from the steps up.


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