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11 September, 2010

Loosing Belly Fat & Waist Fat!

Everyone wants to get rid of belly fat & waist fat, but studies show that getting rid of belly fat is far more important than mere vanity.  In fact our life depends on how to get rid of belly fat & waist fat!

There are 2 kinds of belly fat - deep beneath our skin that is the Visceral Fat & Subcutaneous Fat, deposited just below our skin visible to everyone.  Wanting to loose the belly fat & waist fat usually refers to noticeable subcutaneous fat.  But visceral fat hides deep beneath the muscles surrounding our vital organs and is far more destructive, causing a higher health concern for diabetes, heart disease and other health issues.

How Do You Get Belly Fat and Waist Fat?

Well the research reveals no big surprises! Studies show sedentary people who eat unhealthy food have much more visceral fat, subcutaneous belly fat and waist fat than those who eat healthy and exercise regularly.

Of the nearly 3,000 adults in one study, people who were physically active and ate a healthy diet, with lots of high fiber vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains, plus low-fat high protein foods, had much less belly fat.

And although many studies in the past have shown that smokers typically weigh less than non-smokers, this recent research from the University Medical Center Utrecht, in the Netherlands, shows that even when a smoker is thin, they still tend to have more deep belly fat.

Besides the belly fat accumulation caused by smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise, high alcohol intake was also shown to greatly contribute to potbellies and belly fat, especially dangerous visceral belly fat.

How to loose Belly Fat

When you decide to get rid of belly fat, don't just target the subcutaneous fat that lies directly underneath your skin. Also go after the dangerous deeply deposited visceral fat that surrounds your vital organs.

Research shows that visceral fat not only increases your risk of insulin resistance, diabetes and heart disease, it also contributes to gallstones, psoriasis, fatty liver and possibly even prostate cancer and breast cancer.

So here's how to loose belly fat – both the visible and invisible:

  • If you smoke, quit.
  • Limit or eliminate alcoholic beverages.
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Although abdominal exercises can help tighten your belly muscles, Duke University Medical Center research found that all physical activity makes a significant difference in reducing belly fat. The more you exercise, the more you lose.
  • Eat for great health. Increase nutritious high fiber food, such as vegetables, 100% whole grains and fruits. Eat more omega 3 fish, low-fat dairy and lean poultry. Eliminate high glycemic index carbs (like refined grains and sugar) and keep your saturated fat intake low.
  • Lose weight by eating a healthier diet and increasing your physical activity. Studies show that your belly fat will be the first to go.

And that's how to get rid of belly fat.

You can track your progress by measuring waist fat. Women with a waist over 34 inches (87 centimeters) and men over 39 inches (99 centimeters) are at a much greater risk for excess visceral fat health problems.
(Article posted are from sources available on the internet, My posting here is for easy references)


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