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31 December, 2010

Passing Onto 2011!

Its now 31st December 2010 (Time 2151pm), time for me to wrap up my blog's journal entry for 2010.  I'm spending my new year's eve with my family and both my nephews (Cavan Leong & Cason Leong) to welcome the coming of the 2011 New Year.  Family relationship is the prime of all meanings in me, they are the core of all paths and directions; to share my times & precious moments with them are PRICELESS.  Hmmm....a whole lot to write on! but let's focus on the great moments & wonderfull experiences I ventured into this year. 

I ventured into "Photography", "Outdoor & Hiking", "Original BootCamp / Chief's BootCamp (OBC-BU)" & "Marthon".  From a non-outdoor or non-physical capable guy, I had got myself into some rather adventurous Outdoor and Physical challenging adventures.  I was never a guy interested in doing physical hardcore activities, but one non-stop hiking session up Broga Hill (Semenyih) with my buddy Kenny Kok for sunrise photography excursion; make me realized that I could actually excel myself  physically if I go the distance to realize it.  Therefore, I joint Original BootCamp / Chief's BootCamp  once introduced by my friend Sarge Dann (Daing Daniel Fitri) who is also the chief instructor for CBC-BU; amazingly it did improved my Staminas, Endurances & Core Strength.  CBC-BU training is on 3 alternate days of 1 hour session per week that drains all my energy, reforms my endurances and builds up my muscle mass drastically. 

Friends that I met along my BootCamp moments are just marvelous and wonderfull, motivating and inspiring, CRAZY is the best word to describe them who will challenge everything to break their limits; I am proud to be part of this crazy family of CBC-BU.  You guys encourages and supports me from all perspectives and gave the the strength to go beyond my ownself.  You guys are my true INSPIRATION!!!

"My Gratitudes, Appreciations and Respects to my fellow CBC-BU BootCampers who motivates and inspires each other...HOOYAH!"

My Marathon Journey began in 2010

Larian Go Green (1st Run in my life) - (Hills)
(19th June 2010)

Nike KL Run 101010 (Around the city)
(10th October 2010)

Terry Fox Charity Run (Park)
(7th November 2010)

Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM)
-My first 21km Half Marathon -
(21th November 2010)

Ipoh RoadRunners Club - 12km (Cross Country)
(12th December 2010)

Malakoff Run - 12km (Hilly)
(19th December 2010)

Go all out and I found a whole new ball game I am capable of!

Pictures posting of my final session OBC-BU BootCamp for 2010
2010 OBC-BU final session
(Treasure Hunts)

BootCampers divided into 3 groups of Alpha, Bravo & Charlie
(I'm in Bravo / in the middle)

James Fong, Bravo platoon's Captain
next to him is Armin BP

Me Carrying the Jerry Can and runs with it!

Time Checked!
(from left: Corp. Tam, Sarge Dann & Corp Nawal)

We Won! Hooyah!
Bravo Company Complete our mission 1st.
(We are all winner for we dare to challenge our own limit)

Warm Down session before we end our session

Pot-Luck Breakfast for our last session of 2010

from left: James Fong, Sarge Dann, Corp. Chun, Me & Armin BP

Partying for Dec OBC-BU Graduation Nite @ Modesto's @ Curve
(22nd December 2010)

From left:
Prof. Todak (His Excellency General Chan Kosal's English Translator),
Armin Baniaz Pahamin, His Excellency General Chan Kosal (Cambodia),
Me, Doc Malik & Sarge Dann

I was voted Alpha platoon's Spirit Of BootCamp (SOB)
for December by my fellow Alpha Platoon Bootcampers.
(You guys are my true INSPIRATIONS to challenge greater limits)

Liza of BU Bravo is also voted SOB for December 2010
(She's also a superb New Marathon Runner)

Well Done fellows BootCampers!
A Toast for the funs we had, the challenges we overcame
and Happy New Year 2011!

Past events made us Experienced,
Decisions making got us Wiser,
and Challenges shaped us Tougher!
Happy New Year 2011 to all FOLKS!
Let's ROLL!

(*Some pictures source are from

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