Persistent & Determination from within the Heart!
- Joe Liew Y L -

31 March, 2010

Geshe Ngawang Jangchup

*Photos of Geshe Ngawang Jangchup & his helpers, carrying building materials for the nunnary he built.
The structure was built solely by man-power and it takes 3 weeks of walking to travel from the nearest town to the nunnary.

Was having a dinner session with Geshe Ngawang Jangchup (Tibetan Monk from India) back in year end 2009. A man with wisdom, patience & a great sense of humor.

My family arranged the session for our meeting and we exchanged thoughts and ideas. I walked in with a heavy burden on my chest over some troubling issues; but his courages and wisdoms lightened me up. Walk in faith of our deeds and believes.

He gave me a contact card, on it wrote a phrase:
"Why be unhappy about something, If it can be remedied?; And what is the use of being unhappy about something, If it cannot be remedied?"
-Indian Pandit Shanthideva-

"Ommani Padme Om"