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- Joe Liew Y L -

01 April, 2010

Broga Hill! @ Broga

Was there Dec'12-2009 & Feb'26-2010.

Broga Hill! first time there was Dec'12-2009 and 2nd time was Feb'26-2010.
Both gave me a different experiences & feelings.

Dark ambience and cooling with the gentle morning breeze brushing on ur face and body!
Reach Broga Hill! 5.00am on both occasion. 
1st visit was pitch dark with only a soft flare from my cellphone shining my path, cooling & clear sky awaiting the coming of the sun.  However, on latter visit, it was still pitch dark, cloudy (the sunrise is pretty much covered with clouds) & raining, 

1st visit was rushing to the peak just-in-time for taking the sunrise, imagine running in dark and cautious.  Felt satisfied, soothing, relaxed & excited.
2nd visit was rather different; there was a mini rescue on the hike, took a leak behind the big chunk of stone on the clive, my buddy Mr. Kenny Kwok wanna take a dump wuahaha!.

1st visit was rather moderate crowds.
However, the latter visit was packed with crowds, its like a morning market.

The scene on my 1st hike on the hill was natural, smells green, fresh grass.
But, returning for the 2nd time was horrible.  They burnt down the grass the whole hill was burnt and roasted! Smells like a giant BBQ grill!