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- Joe Liew Y L -

02 April, 2010

US Beef Jerky from PP!

Well! Got this Beef Jerky from a fren who visited states not long ago. My long lost beef jerky, in 3 flavors: Original, Peppered & Terriyaki. Mmmm! Good!

I used to stocked up my beef jerky supplies while travelling & flying around when I was studying in the states.  I hate flying meals I'll only chew on my beef jerky for the whole trip. 

Beef Jerky! The cowboys eat it, the red indian eat it, why not me!
I learn cultures thru their food.  The best way to learn new thing thru food and taste.
A damned Good rememberance of my college life!

Thank You PP so much for getting me this. Mucho Gracias!