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23 May, 2010

Cason Leong's Birthday Home Party! (Sat-22May2010)

Event: Cason Leong's 4th Birthday Home Party
Date: Saturday 22May2010
Venue: Bro-In-Law's Home

Cason Leong

Cason & Cavan

Cavan Leong

My bro-in-law (in checkers shirt) & his barbeque grills.
What's cooking inside his grill? Scroll down.

BBQ Wings! 

"Sha Cha" cob-corns!

Barbeque Honey Pork Ribs (Spicy & Non-Spicy)!
taking orders now!

Fuckalicious! Yumm Yumm!

My bro-in-law is passionated with his BBQ pork ribs.

David, you can upload ur photo ere'
you do look like Blat Pitt.

A small quality home birthday party.
Just a few close friends & close relatives

Somewhere over the Rainbow!
-Have not seen one for quite sometimes till my bro-in-law noticed that-

Home Sweet Home!
My sister, family of 4!

It was my youngest nephew Cason Leong's 4th-Birthday!

A simple Birthday Home Party, flavored with loves & sentiments (Ren Qing Wei) all prepared by my brother-in-law & my sister.Not Too Fancy and not too crowded just a few of the close friends & close relatives.

It's all home cooked food by my brother-in-law (Barbeque) & my sister (Deep Frying, Rice & others)
Surprisingly deliciously prepared & cooked.