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- Joe Liew Y L -

11 June, 2010

Soya Sauce Brewery "酱油酿造坊"


透过妈妈的安排,非常荣幸能参观妈妈朋友的“酱油”酿造坊。 随同家人(妈妈,爸爸和姐姐)在礼拜日公元2010年六月六日的中午,到这位朋友的酿造坊参观和用午餐。 获得批准后,坊主允许我照相;此次一行,照得非常痛快和新奇。


酿造酱油的过程挺有趣的,就像个人成长的道理一样。 从选择黄豆到清洗,蒸熟后调入配料;混合霉菌来发酸后而沉淀一段时期,以酿造出一口优良的酱油。缺一步骤也不行,加速酿造也不可。个人成长也一样,咱们从一出世就开始吸收周围的知识和学习个人成长的性格,态度,智慧,情绪,耐性; 生活上的点点滴滴和各种的成就,错则,喜怒哀乐都已成为咱们个人的调味料和丰富的经验。


Soya Sauce Brewery

I was fortunate for an opportunity to visit a Soya Sauce brewery of my mom's friend on Sunday noon 6th-June-2010, alongside with my family (Mom, Dad & Sister).  Manage to snap a few shots with the permission of the brewery owner, and had a quick lunch bite with the owner and his family.

Soya sauce was originated from China, dated as far back as 3,000 years ago.  Soya sauce had brewed
its way into generations of chinese cooking and daily lifes, alongside with our historical chinese culture.

Soya sauce brewing process is rather interesting, it has close resemblence with our personal improvements wisdom.  From the selection of fine soya beans to the cleaning process, steaming of soya bean and add in recipes; fermentation and then precipitate for a period of time, in order to brewed-out a fine soya sauce.  Neither steps to be skip out; nor process to be speed up.  Same implies to our own Personal Improvements, since our birth we begins to gain knowledge through our surroundings and understand our own characteristics, attitudes, wisdoms, emotions, patience and so on;  All things surrounding our life and all kinds of achievements, set-backs, happiness, angers, sadness and Joyfulness has added in to us as our own secret recipes and experiences. 

When our path comes to a Cross-Road, we can only calm down, understand the situation and to decide wisely; to cogitate and to understand our own path and direction towards an enlightened and meaningfull tomorrow.