Persistent & Determination from within the Heart!
- Joe Liew Y L -

19 June, 2010

"Larian Go Green" Marathon @ Damansara Perdana.

Event: Larian Go Green Marathon
Date: 19th June 2010
Time: 0800 Flag-Off
Venue: Damansara Perdana MK Land site office
Distance: 7.5KM

10mins into the run

Finishing line

Original Boot Camp (OBC) Malaysia

OBC Australia cap - given by Chief Brabon & Gunny Emily 
for completing the last man standing in PLANK for Ranger.
(Only 7 of us got it in Malaysia so far)

The old injury at my right ankle, was freaking
painfull & swollen after my run 
(finally got it treated by my chinese medial doc friend)

MARATHON! Holy Shit! It never came to me that I'll be joining marathon for the sake of running, but what the heck there's always a first start in everything. Right!

Well! Here I am for my First Time Ever marathon "Larian Go Green" Marathon 7.5km on 19th-June-2010, arrived at D'Sara Perdana MKLand site office @ 0700 morning. Awaiting for the Marathon flag-off @ 0800 morning with my pals from OBC (Original Boot Camp) Malaysia in the OBC booth.  I had trained with Armin, Sarge Dann and the rest of the OBC trainers & recruits since June (Approximately 2 weeks) and now I'm ere' up for Marathon as encouraged by them.

The Marathon route is rather interesting and challenging with downhills, flat-ground and then uphills. Pains, exhaustions and de-hydration guaranteed! Wuahaha! that's how I pushed my limits and stay focused to complete my route. Marathon is more on our mind-set than our physical body, it's a "Mind over Body" training. The will to keep pushing our own abilities & limits in-order to explore and strengthen our sub-conscious ablities & limits that are not known to us.  To strengthen our physical & Mental abilities! 

My run was pretty much exhausted, de-hydrated, in-pain from my legs muscles and right ankle old injury (was suffering from it since last week), kept pushing myself both physically & mentally.  I took 3 short stop (of 3 seconds) in the 7.5km run to grasp for breath and then continue running till the finishing line; focused on my breathing and my thoughts to forget about my pains & exhaustions. As I was approaching my finish line, was running alongside another lady; encourage her to make the final sprint (encouraging others does encourage ourself), but ended up i was sprinting for my own finish line. Completed my 7.5km even though with an old injury on my right ankle, not bad for myself; I waited for another 35mins till the last runner, then the Marathon Run was completed for price giving.

Wow! feels remarkable as this was my first run, will definitely go for other coz' my pals had scheduled my other runs; not a full marathon yet but progressing.  My next run is 10km but it's not till next month, now I've gotta let my ankle heals; but still training for my fitness. Recovering for more distant runs to come! 

I'm with a group of individuals of all walks of live that will push & break their limits to live a normal life, well I've found this group that shares the same thoughts.  I signed up OBC for fitness with extras of pushing & breaking my limits in Marathons and other hardcore activities (as all of them in OBC are MARATHON Freaks). 

We shall never give up on all challenges life throws @ us, we will push & break our own limits both physically & mentally to the extend, even if we are all torned-up (KOYAK); we will live & overcome our life till our last breath.  Never give up in our Life!