Persistent & Determination from within the Heart!
- Joe Liew Y L -

20 September, 2010

I Enlisted for Original BootCamp Training!

I Took the Challenge: (To Discover & to Challenge my limit to the next level)
I've been an enthusiast on military related stuffs, war-time civilizations history, tactics & strategies, technologies advancements as well as physical fitness training advancement in military personel. 

I am glad to have been introduced by a friend of mine who's also my OBC trainer Mr. Daing (A.K.A Sarge Dann) in the Original BootCamp @ Bandar Utama Physical Training (PT) programme, for me to access my own physical fitness & endurance level and to lose weight.

Level of physical fitness in Original BootCamp are classified under 3 categories based on recruits own stamina & physical endurances:
1) Ranger
2) Seal
3) Delta
* Categories of each recruits are based on their actual physical conditions assessed in the monthly Benchmark Assessment from Ranger and progress to Seal then to Delta, if the condition drops so does the categories to lower the training loads & pressures to accomodate the physical body; however if the condition improves then recruits will be enjoying more training loads & pressures.  The level categorized is solely used to assign proper training load that is better suit the recruits physical body condition.

My time in Original BootCamp @ Bandar Utama
I enrolled in Original BootCamp @ Bandar Utama, Malaysia (OBC-BU) back in June 2010 for Alpha session (0545 morning) with a body weight of 99kg.  After a couple of month of training till September 2010, I had lost 9.5kg which was weighted yesterday.  Since I began my Original BootCamp @ Bandar Utama (OBC-BU) Physical Training 4 months ago back in June, even with the recovery break in between, I had drastic improvements in my Stamina, Endurance & Strength and has been doing Marathon along with my new buddies from OBC-BU.

I went thru my benchmark assessment on my 1st day of training and was placed under Ranger's training for tons of tough and exhausting workout such as Battling Ropes, Tabatas & Cadence (in Grunts, Squads, Military Sit-ups & push-up, mountain climbers) using equipments such as sand-bag & riffle; tons of circuit running and clock running as well as tons of extremely hard-core training style that I've never heard of or seen of.  All these extreme combo helped me lost 5kg in a month time, lowering my body weight to 94kg.  I suspended my training for the 1st half of July for my previously sprained right ankle but continued my training in the 2nd half of July in Ranger's training. 

However, I was totally knocked-out of training in August as I re-sprained my ringht ankle again with a torn ligament (for not resting long enough), the only sollution is to stop my PT for a full month and REST.  When I returned to the field on September for my benchmark assessment and re-join my band of buddies, my training session was really stressfull as my benchmark results placed me for more extreme trainings with heavier training equipments, but I enjoys it very much (getting used to the physical pressures and the work-out conditions); exhausted & out-of breath but I'm happy with it as I had improved my stamina's, improved my strength & improved my endurances, with 2 more sessions to go and I'll ACE September for making an effort in (ACE) 100% attendance in my ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP training attendance.

The training program for Original Bootcamp is pretty much to encourage all recruits to excel beyond their limit, suitable for anyone from "All Walks of Lifes" that are DETERMINE to make a change in their attitude & life; it's for anyone that wouldn't mind putting ur physical body & mind in extreme muscular pain & pressure then u'r part of this TEAM.  I joined this amazing TEAM with only a friend, that's Sarge Dann; but now I have known almost all of the recruits. 

Original Bootcamp training program is for people of all-walks-of-life!  If you'r determine to improve your health, lifestyles, physical body & mind; then you join the right group.  I trained with a group of strangers whom in the end became my Band of Buddies.  We train side by side as a team, in Pains & in Comforts, in Sufferings & in Joys, in giving up & to step beyong our limit, to sweat in exhaustion & to laugh in excitement.

We are Original BootCampers @ Bandar Utama!

Pictures of my Physical Training sessions in ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA (OBC-BU)
1st day @ OBC-BU (Alpha session) - Roll Call


New recruits (Me...) & the returning recruits

Stretching our ham-string muscle prior to intense PT

It's too early for training, I'm still half-awake!

Ahhh! This is what they call "Back-Crawl"
I'm really exhausted!

In Original BootCamp,
Intense Training means no break in between for 1 hour.
I was knocked-out

Squad...squad...squad then u sprint outside the circle
& repeat the cycle again & again.

Cooling down after the crazy 1hour intense PT

1st month of OBC!
It's James Fong B'day, celebrated with a Tiramisu Cake
Yummy! but I just stared at the cake.

1st month of OBC, my band of buddies in BootCamp
convinced me to sign up for marathon "Larian GoGreen" in D'sara Perdana.
That's my maiden run! 7.5km!

Training session with Chief Brabon & Emily Brabon

on my left is Razlan! we joint OBC same time,
we motivated each other in our training & sweating like mad together.

Chief giving training instruction

Chief's training is a killer!
Here's tabata in cadence

Half Squad

We are out of breath!

That's a big group that attended for Chief's personalized training session.

Chief Brabon & Emily Brabon

The kiler Military Push-Up (PERFECT FORM)
I've never did so uch military push-up in my life, till I met OBC!
Table-Top! Stretch up & hold like a table top

Still holding!

Military Star Jump

Plank holding! Arms & toes on the ground,
body off the ground with ur butt lowered straight.
Chief made it interesting by giving away OBC caps to 2 recruits (in Ranger, Seal & Delta)
in the game "Last Man Standing". 
I'm still holding

My OBC cap,  I'm the Last Man doing the Plank Hold for Ranger unit
(Next to me is Corp. Chun) 1 of my trainers

Chief session comes to an end with cooling down

Damned! What a Relief!

It's been a great session!
Alpha Group trainning with CHIEF
We trains Hard even if it Rains!
From left: Sarge Dann, Joe Liew (Me), Armin,
Corp. Chun, John Chua, Michelle, YKK & Corp. Sandy 

June'2010 Graduation Nite @ Eco Bar, D'sara Perdana
June 2010 OBC-BU Graduation Nite!
To Give-In but not to Give-Up!

From Left: Me, Ody Lana (Delta) & Corp. Chun (Delta)
From Left: Corp. Chun, Razlan, Me, James Fong & Sarge 

From Left: Corp. Sandy, Me, Corp. Chun & Lance Corp. Nawal
(Phote with my fellow instructors)

I completed my June's Session
From Left: Sarge Dann, Corp. Chun, Me, Dr. Malik & Armin
(Man....these fellows damned good, they are all super Deltas)