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26 November, 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 (PBIM 21-Nov-2010)

Event: Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM)
Venue: Penang, Malaysia
Date: 21-November-2010 (Sunday)
Time: 0200am - 1000am
No. of Participants: 24,000 ppl (Local & International)
Categories: Fun Run, Quarter Marathon (10km), Half Marathon (21km) & Full Marathon (42km)

Penang Bridge

Marathon Route for PBIM

I Run Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM)
This is my 3rd run & 1st ever Half Marathon (21km) completed first time ever in my life and ever since I started Original Bootcamp @ Bandar Utama (OBC-BU).  There were appr. 20+ over participants from OBC-BU in the PBIM marathon, and majority of us are doing our maiden half marathon (21km) with very much excitements and enthusiasm.  Nevertheless, OBC training had prepared us in our staminas & endurances for marathon running.

I arrived at Penang, Malaysia on the 19-Nov-2010 (Friday) to prepare myself for the PBIM run which took place on the 21-Nov-2010 (Sunday) at 0300am for Half Marathon.  Checked in to Hotel Equatorial, Penang w/ Sarge Dann, Ody Lana, Lilian Lee and Mike (Lilian's friend); rest our body & mind in preparation for the run, carbo-loaded (more like a feast) w/ Nasi Kandar, Cendul, Asam Laksa, Tandoori Chicken w/ capati, Tosai and other local cuisines then did some shopping for clothes.

Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) half marathon starts from Queensbay Mall main road, proceed w/ d run onto Penang Bridge, run up & down the arch road then u turn 1 km infront and run the arch road once more, then proceed to the crossing down onto the island, turned right towards Sea-Gate building and U-turned back straight to Queensbay mall.  Water station was sufficient & accomodating with small 1/2 litre mineral water & 100plus isotonic drinks.  Weather was Partly cloudy with thunder storm, it started to rain after i did my u-turn on the penang bridge @ the 11th km; was soaked in rain and was chilling cold from the sea breeze as I was running on the bridge, but was kept warm by my Adidas TechFit top & pants.

My PBIM Half Marathon went smooth (w/ light right ankle cramps) as I had been training w/ OBC-BU for improved Staminas, Endurances & Stronger body core.  Gratitude & appreciation to my fellow OBC-BU trainers & buddies.  Also the un-selfish sharing & coaching by Daing Danial Fitri (AKA Sarge Dann) for his endless supports & motivations in me to achieve the impossible in me.

 "Running Cleanses the Mind & Body" - Ms. Ilyanna Aylin (OBC-BU)

My PBIM (21-Nov-2010) Race Result
Official Time: 02:12:46
Net Time     : 02:10:51
Split Time @ 9389m  : 0:56:39
Split Time @ 16566m: 1:44:05
Ranking Mix: 598/4192
Ranking Category: 440/3465
Ranking Overall: 694/5331

Driving up to Penang in Lillian's auto

Lunch stop in Ipoh, looking for Foh San DimSum restaurant
with Lilian's frens

Going for an evening run around Hotel Equatorial, Penang
(Left: Mike, Lilian, Ody, Sarge & Me)

The famous Penang Cendul

Indian Tosai Breakfast
(Left: Sarge, Me, Mike, David & Lilian)

Getting Brownies from d Bakery Shop

A great shopping session ends w/ a great massage session
(RM1 for 5mins)

Nasi Kandar dinner w/ my fellow BootCampers

PBIM Run - My 1st Half Marathon (21km)

The OBC-BU Ninjas doing half marathon -
wearing the 3stripes TechFit Running Attires
(Left: KK Yum, Ody, Sarge, Lilian & Me)
Getting ready to run!
(Left: Me, Sarge Dann, Ody & Jeff)

We RAN PBIM Half Marathon (21km) - FINISHER!
Left 1st-row: Ryan & Nawal
Left center row: Ilyanna Aylin & Ody Lana
Left 3rd-row: Me, Lilian Lee, Syed Mahadzir (Ded),
Rose Emini Pahamin, Armin Baniaz Pahamin & Sarge Dann

Photo with Ilyanna Aylin

My 1st Marathon Finisher medal
PBIM - Half Marathon
Time - 02:10:51