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26 September, 2011

CarJacking - My Close Encounter

What is Car-Jacking?
Carjacking is a violent crime that has been on a dramatic increase. It is a crime in which a car is taken from a person by force--at gunpoint or knifepoint, for instance.

CarJacking - My Close Encounter!
Today is Monday (26th-Sept-2011) and I experienced an almost Car-Jacking incident in a Wee Hours (Early Morning) on my way for Chief's OBC (Alpha) training.  Traffic was very quiet with only less than a few along the way.

I was driving on the free-way (in KL) this morning to go for my early morning Chief's OBC (Alpha)Training, and was approached by a Black Color - Toyota Vios with 2 person in it that ordered me to pull-over by the road-side by entering my front lane to push me to the left shoulder of the road.  The male on the passenger side ordered me to pull-over with a smile was holding his walkie-talkie in his hand & a leisure hat on his head and the driver was with a fierce look steering into my lane & maintaining his car speed with mine.  They are definitely aint COPS & aint friendly either, I definitely aint gonna get pull-over by them.  So I kept driving my car with no sign of pulling-over to stop.

I slowed down showing signs of pulling-over and the Vios entered my front lane, this enables me to distant myself from them.  Then I make an attempt to swerve out to my right lane to over take them and speed up, they didnt give up either and over took me; it went on for another couple of rounds for at least 3km. 

Until I was 500 meters away from the Toll Plaze, with only 2 choices that is either the Cash Lane or Smart Tag Lane; I definitely went for the Smart Tag as I dont have to go for a total STOP to pay for Toll.  But the Vios driver is not dumb, they kept blocking my direction towards the Smart Tag Lane on my right; I reached for my Smart Tag, make a sudden slow down to over-take the Vios through my right and entered the Smart Tag lane and sped off.  I kept my visual on my rear mirror to spot the Vios, if they kept pursuing me; I'll have to sped to the nearest police station which I have in mind.  They weren't pursuing me & they definitely are not COPS and I need not worry.

As I slowed down to avoid any unnecessary accident, I could still feel the adrenaline rush in me.  This was my 1st experience and all this motion of Chase & Escape could only be witness on screen or television, was happening to me lived in the Wee-Hours.  The sudden adrenaline rush in me had made my COBC Alpha session seems easy and tolerable.

Luckily, I'm getting used to wake up in the Wee-Hours for my Chief's OBC Training & Marathons so that my mind is responsive to handling this kind of Crisis Management and most importantly I was left unharmed.

Some advices if you are faced with this situation:
  • BE ALERT! when you are behind wheels on the road or approaching your car.
  • CALM DOWN! Do Not Panic and Think for your safety and the passenger in your car .
  • NEVER STOP! when strangers asked you to pull-over.
  • If you don't feel comfortable pulling-over for Police Patrol on a dark quiet stretch of the road, drive to the nearest Police Station.
  • If you are on pursue by the police on a dark quiet stretch of the road, dial the Police Hotline 999 or 911 informing them your situation and are driving to a nearby police station, the Police Patrol on pursue will be inform.  
  • When stopped, allow at least one car length between you and the car in front of you. This allows you room to maneuver, if it becomes necessary. 
  • Drive to the nearest Police Station if u feels uncom
  • Its HANDY to have a "SMART TAG" / any Automatic Toll Paying System in your car. 
  • Keep doors and windows locked when driving.
  • If you can't drive away from a threatening situation, draw attention to yourself-- honk your horn or yell. Remain in your locked car if possible.
  • Keep your purse and other valuables out of view while driving.
  • Drive in the center lane if possible to avoid being pushed onto the shoulder.
  • Don't stop at isolated pay phones or cash machines.
  • Keep a lookout if you see a stranger approaching your car. If you're in the car, drive away as quickly as possible. Walk away from the car if you're outside.
  • Above all, don't resist an armed suspect. Your car isn't worth risking personal injury.

It's always good to read up any reading materials or watch any informative programs such as "Rescue 911", COPS, Discovery Channel, Magazines write-up related to CarJacking Prevention and other usefull sources.  You will never know how handy it will be when you are confronted with this kind of situation.  As for me I likes to read and watch these sorts of knowledgable & practical programs to gives you Safe Alternatives to keep yourself & the people around your SAFE!


23 September, 2011

Chief's Original BootCamp 8 Weeks Challenge - Year 2011

What is 8WC ?
8WC stands for 8 weeks challenge, which is a program introduced by Chief's Original BootCamp that combines both Diet & Physical Fitness with INFERNO 2.0 (Extreme BodyShaping Program) to improve individual's Body Shaping that transform ordinary individuals into an Athlete by stripping away any excess fat, while increasing the athletes' Strength, Speed, Endurance and most importantly Great Muscle Tone.  All of this in a short period of 8 weeks. 

The Challenge begin on 26th-September-2011 and ends on 18th-November-2011.  There will be 1 (ONE) Winner per participating platoon with Cash Rewards & Prizes from Sponsors.
The 8 Week Challenge (8wc) is open for all current Recruits of Chief's Original BootCamp.

I'm IN for 8wc AGAIN!
8 Week Challenge Shall I join or Shall I Not join? Hmmm...What do you think! I was being curious or crazy when I signed up for 8 Week Challenge back in 2010, but signing up now in September-2011 after I participated the challenge last year was totally insane & nuts. 

I was reluctant to join 8wc-2011, but why not, since it helped me lost weights last year, shaped up my body physically & mentally in an athlete way; I am still maintaining my diet plan (mostly based upon 8wc guidelines), and I managed to lower my mom's weight by 10kg from 130kg to 120kg to date since 3mths ago.  All these improvements was through the 8 Week Challenge experiences that I gained in 2010.

Honestly, the program was tough and it requires a TOTAL OVERHAUL in eating habits & eating lifestyle.  Wow! I'm from Malaysia and it's a Food Paradise that combines all 3 major race cultures of Malay, Indian & Chinese foods, such as Nasi Lemak, Nasi Padang, Curry Puff, Nyonya Kuih, Nasi Bryanni, Nasi Kandar, Roti Canai, Char Koey Teow, Curry Laksa, Prawn noodle, Roast Pork, BBQ Pork, Chinese Mee & Noodles, Chinese Stir Fried and many more (Let's imagine & salivate on it for a moment).  Now thrash all of these cuisines for at least 8 weeks and u'll be asking urself "What The Fxxx am I doing in this challenge"?  I'll tell you later why.

If half way through the challenge you found yourself strayed off-course, you need not worry.  Just go back on the course and start the program again. I strayed off-and returned back on the course.

8WC gave me a clear sense of food I needs for my daily needs & my marathon needs.  As mentioned by Chief "You Are What You Eat", I needs to change my physical body for better endurance and performance in my marathons, physical fitness & outdoor activities; therefor I watch-out what I eat and I indulge into a Healthier Eating Lifestyle.  In it I achieved a healthier Physical & Mental Fitness Level I have now.

My Pictures of Before & After 8wc
(combined w/ Infernos & COBC Training Sessions)
Larian Go-Green
(June' 2010)
Nike Run - 10'10'10 
(October' 2010)

8wc Photo Session (Front View)
From Left: Before & After
September - November End 2010

8wc Photo Session (Side View)
From Left: Before & After
September - November End 2010

2XU Run - Singapore
(April' 2011)

Larian Bomba
(May' 2011)

Sasuke Malaysia
(May' 2011)

Chief's OBC Platoon Challenge - Spartan
(July' 2011)

Picture w/ James Fong (my team-mate)
COBC 1st Anniversary Dinner
(July' 2011)

It's only 8 weeks yet it seemed eternally!

You've Gotta Be In 8wc To Experience The knowledge Of Athletic Weight Management; In Order To Feel The Marvellous Improvements In You! 

* For more Reading & Write-Up Sources Kindly follow these links:,,

02 September, 2011

Rock Climb - Damai Wall (Batu Cave)

Date: 31 August 2011Day: Wednesday
Time: 0730 AM
Venue: Damai Wall (Batu Cave)
Weather: Drizzle / Light Raining

Damai Wall, Batu Cave (Kuala Lumpur)

Monsoon Route


About Damai Wall
Situated north of Batu Cave in Kuala Lumpur ("N 03 14.902" E 101 41.225"),  100m wall with 35 routes and some of them multi pitch. difficulties are from 5C to 7A with most of them 5C to 6B+; length of route in 15m to 30m and with number of bolts in 5 to 13.

My Climb
It is Wednesday the 31st August 2011 (Malaysia Independence Day), what a good way to celebrate National Day by challenging and training vertically.  However, the morning weather was uneasy to us with downpouring as we approach the site. 

Waiting and hoping that the downpouring will ease soon, with a slight hope that the sun will reapper in the midst of the dark clouds.  Suddenly the rain stopped, Wow! CLIMB ON, I was excited as this is my maiden outdoor climb.

I had recently extended my Physical Fitness Training into Rock Climbing, as the harsh and limited support space in vertical environment helps to further condition my body and limbs.  There were 7 climb buddies in my group (Jessy Lee, Jay, Eng Hooi, Raymond, Xiao Yu, Leo and Me) with all of them are experienced climbers except me the Beginner.  This is my 3rd climb ever since I started climbing indoor two weeks ago, and my 1st outdoor climb.  Outdoor climb was totally a blast, the atmosphere and conditions all came alive.

As a beginner climber, I had the privillage of climbing Top-Rope when all my buddies were doing Lead-Climbing.  My Top rope route was setup by Eng Hooi, enabling me to climb vertically with the help of the rope anchored above me to hold and lock my climbing position as I ascend.  I was thrilled and nervous as I have Height Phobia (I am afraid of heights);  I feels more secure to stand on solid ground, rather than on the cliff walls hanging by a Life-Line.

As I began my vertical climb, I was glad that I have my experienced climb buddies to shed some techniques to me.  I'm totally raw in climbing and I do get NERVOUS and AFRAID of falling or plunges.  I climbed 2 ropes of different routes before I rest and swithced role to belaying my buddy's lead climb.  I had learn to belay for Top-Rope, but belaying for Lead Climb was something different
as I needs to look up and monitors my climb buddy's status.  I was in a full alert stage with both my hands always attached to the safety ropes for withdrawing and releasing.  Oh Man! I had stiff neck after a few Lead-Climb belaying.  Learning from experienced climbers are priceless for they are willing to share their experiences and techniques that were accumulated over the years they had ventured into.
 This is Damai Wall, Batu Caves (Kuala Lumpur)

Preparing our climbing gears for the climb 
My climbing buddies
(From Left: Xiao Yu, Jessy, Jay and Raymond)

Front Left: Xiao Yu & Raymond
Back: Eng Hooi (Belayer) & Leo (Climber)

Met some new climbers from Germany & Ukraine
This lady was preparing the safety harness for the kid's climb.

Kids does like to climb!

Ohh...Baby does like to climb too.

A clip of the kid's Vertical Climb!

I climbs to Over-Come my fear,
I climbs to Learn from others and
I climbs to Discover my inner-self.
"To Deal With Fear Is To Face It!" - JoeLiew