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02 September, 2011

Rock Climb - Damai Wall (Batu Cave)

Date: 31 August 2011Day: Wednesday
Time: 0730 AM
Venue: Damai Wall (Batu Cave)
Weather: Drizzle / Light Raining

Damai Wall, Batu Cave (Kuala Lumpur)

Monsoon Route


About Damai Wall
Situated north of Batu Cave in Kuala Lumpur ("N 03 14.902" E 101 41.225"),  100m wall with 35 routes and some of them multi pitch. difficulties are from 5C to 7A with most of them 5C to 6B+; length of route in 15m to 30m and with number of bolts in 5 to 13.

My Climb
It is Wednesday the 31st August 2011 (Malaysia Independence Day), what a good way to celebrate National Day by challenging and training vertically.  However, the morning weather was uneasy to us with downpouring as we approach the site. 

Waiting and hoping that the downpouring will ease soon, with a slight hope that the sun will reapper in the midst of the dark clouds.  Suddenly the rain stopped, Wow! CLIMB ON, I was excited as this is my maiden outdoor climb.

I had recently extended my Physical Fitness Training into Rock Climbing, as the harsh and limited support space in vertical environment helps to further condition my body and limbs.  There were 7 climb buddies in my group (Jessy Lee, Jay, Eng Hooi, Raymond, Xiao Yu, Leo and Me) with all of them are experienced climbers except me the Beginner.  This is my 3rd climb ever since I started climbing indoor two weeks ago, and my 1st outdoor climb.  Outdoor climb was totally a blast, the atmosphere and conditions all came alive.

As a beginner climber, I had the privillage of climbing Top-Rope when all my buddies were doing Lead-Climbing.  My Top rope route was setup by Eng Hooi, enabling me to climb vertically with the help of the rope anchored above me to hold and lock my climbing position as I ascend.  I was thrilled and nervous as I have Height Phobia (I am afraid of heights);  I feels more secure to stand on solid ground, rather than on the cliff walls hanging by a Life-Line.

As I began my vertical climb, I was glad that I have my experienced climb buddies to shed some techniques to me.  I'm totally raw in climbing and I do get NERVOUS and AFRAID of falling or plunges.  I climbed 2 ropes of different routes before I rest and swithced role to belaying my buddy's lead climb.  I had learn to belay for Top-Rope, but belaying for Lead Climb was something different
as I needs to look up and monitors my climb buddy's status.  I was in a full alert stage with both my hands always attached to the safety ropes for withdrawing and releasing.  Oh Man! I had stiff neck after a few Lead-Climb belaying.  Learning from experienced climbers are priceless for they are willing to share their experiences and techniques that were accumulated over the years they had ventured into.
 This is Damai Wall, Batu Caves (Kuala Lumpur)

Preparing our climbing gears for the climb 
My climbing buddies
(From Left: Xiao Yu, Jessy, Jay and Raymond)

Front Left: Xiao Yu & Raymond
Back: Eng Hooi (Belayer) & Leo (Climber)

Met some new climbers from Germany & Ukraine
This lady was preparing the safety harness for the kid's climb.

Kids does like to climb!

Ohh...Baby does like to climb too.

A clip of the kid's Vertical Climb!

I climbs to Over-Come my fear,
I climbs to Learn from others and
I climbs to Discover my inner-self.
"To Deal With Fear Is To Face It!" - JoeLiew


  1. Hi Joe, very well written indeed! its nice to explore your blog that containing insightful experience. keep it up! - Eng Hooi -

  2. Thanx Eng Hooi,

    Guidances & Experiences share by U and this team of climbers shall Inspire the readers of this blog in this sports that we ventured into.

    We keep it up as a TEAM!


  3. What a prolific writer, tasteful photographer and inspriring guy! You're in terrific shape! Maybe we can go for a run when we visit, but, you gotta wait or me tho!