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12 April, 2011

2XU Compression Run 2011 - Singapore!


Event: 2XU Compression Run 2011 - Singapore
Date: 10th April 2011
Venue: Marina Promenade (Singapore)
Flag-Off Time: 0700 AM
Distance: 12km (Quarter Marathon)
Race Route

Men Finisher Medal
Women Finisher Medal

Complimentary Gifts from Sponsors

2XU Compression Calf Guard
- Complimentary Gift -

The Trip
Our COBC (Chief's Original Bootcamp) BootCampers - Runners that signed up for this 2XU run months ago consisted of 9 runners who were:
1) Sarge Dann-Daing Daniel Fitri
2) Ody Nurfuadi Ruzalli
3) Joanitta Jaleha Yusoff
4) Noor A. Othman
5) James Fong
6) Chan Meng Yam
7) Lillian Lee
8) Norliza Abdul Khaled
9) Joe Liew (Me).

While Sarge Dann & Ody drove down to Singapore on Saturday (9th-April-2011) right after Chief's Original BootCamp's Seal-Pups session, the 1st group of runners (Joanitta, Noor & Lillian) Flew down to Singapore @ 0800am. Followed by me on the next flight FY3503 @ 0910am by Firefly Airline (A division of MAS Airline) from the Subang Air-Park Terminal in Subang Jaya. With a flight time of approximately 45minutes.

Subang Air-Park Terminal (FireFly Airline)

Firefly Flight FY3503

My flights arrived in S'pore @ 10.30am, after completing authority clearance in the airport I hopped on to the MRT / Subway and headed straight to meet up w/ my fellow COBC BootCampers in "NOVENA SQUARE".  FRANKLY, my fellow bootcampers are Crazy in Physical Training, Marathon Running & mad for Marathon Running Gears & Gadgets. 
I met them up in the shopping mall w/ my luggage hoping to check-into the hotel "Ibis Novena", but to my dismay the Shopping Spree had began about an hour ago when they first arrived and they showed no sign of leaving soon.  OH MAN! Shopped w/ my luggage on, why not since I am used to running w/ Jerry Can for Core & Staminas.

1st-Stop was the 2XU retail shop, where all of us got ourself a pair of Newtown Running shoe, 2XU compression wears and some fancy gadgets like the Spiebelts, pouches and Bib-Holder.
1st-Stop 2XU retail store
(From left: Joanita (Jo), Chan Meng Yam (Yam),
James Fong (Sitted) & Me (JoeLiew))

I was convinced to get myself a pair of Newton shoes
(From Left: Jo, Yam, Noor (in Blue), Me & James) 

James & Me trying out our Newton Fore-Foot Running Shoe

Getting ready for Test Run

Crazy BootCampers Runners in the shopping mall,
the sales person was speechless when we
starts running along the walk way in the mall; 
We bought 5 pairs of Newton shoe in this visit.

Going once, Going twice, SOLD!

While the ladies went shopping for their Marathon Apparels,
James & Me were eating our MOS Burger, we were starving.

Can I get a proper meal???

Halo Head Cover

 Ice-Cream Shop

My Newton "Trainer" Shoe &
Vibram Five Fingers (VFF) "Comodo"

The Race
The race began at the Marina Esplanade and next to it was the Eye-On-Singapore.  We arrived @ the flag-Off site around 0600am, began our warm up and stretching and began cam-whoring for our blogs & FaceBook posting.
This was my 1st race in 2011 and my 1st International run (Singapore), with 3 months of NO RUN this was really a challenge for me to jump-start my run.  Especially with the immense impact on both my ankles while running, it felt like these ligaments gonna tear up; my previous ankle injury really annoyed me to the extent.  

Lobby Cam-Whoring @ Hotel Ibis Novena
(From Left: Me (JoeLiew), Joanita, Lillian Lee & Noor)

Race Site Cam-Whoring
(From Left: James Fong, Joanita, Yam, Lillian Lee & Me)

Race Site Cam-Whoring
(From Left: Noor, James Fong, Lillian Lee,
 Joanita, Yam, Joann & Me)

E=MC2 we brought Newton along
(Our new run gear - Newton shoe)

Run Completion! - Got our finisher medal
(From Left: Noor, Sarge Dann, James Fong & Me)

The Good Old Days - Iphone Technologies
(From Left: Noor, Sarge Dann, James Fong & Me)

Don't Mess w/ Us!

Oh Man! We Cam-Whore for fun

Posing for the Camera

Group Photo - After the Race!
(From Left: Me, Sarge Dann, Lillian Lee, James Fong,
Yam, Joanitta, Joanna, James Brother &
Sister-In-Law (In Blue), Liza & Noor)

(From Left: Me, Joanita, Lillian Lee,
Liza & Sarge Dann)

The Newton Guys!
James & Me

I Ran 2XU Compression Run 2011 - Singapore!

1 run down, what's next!

Snapped by Yam in the New Balance Store

My 1st run in 2011
completed with a PB of 01:05 for 12km
BIB #: 6690
Race Category: 12KM MENS
Nett Time: 01:05:35
Gun Time: 01:05:43
Rank: 782 of 5411

"The Power To Challenge My-Self"

Just For Fun Shot!

Re-enactment of the National Service Joke,
where by a national Service Soldier who came home & his
maid was carrying his bags.  What a luxury as a soldier!

* Photos sources from: , Chan Meng Yam (FB), Lillian Lee (FB), Joanita Jaleha Yusoff (FB), Sarge Dann(FB)