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18 April, 2011

Energizer Night Race Malaysia 2011 - Sepang F1 Circuit

Event: Energizer Night Race Malaysia 2011
Date: 16th-April-2011
Location: Sepang F1 Circuit, Malaysia
Distant: 21km
Flag-Off Time: 20:00 (21km)
Categories: 5.5km, 11km, 21km & 42km

5.5km Race Route

11km Race Route

21km Race Route

42km Race Route

The COBC group of Runners
The Energizer Night Race Malaysia 2011 was held on the 26-April-2011 (Saturday) in Sepang F1 Circuit, Malaysia.  Racing / Running on the Formula-1 race track was an awesome experience and it's an experience not to be left-out, hence we all signed up to mark our mile-stone w/ a rare opportunity. 

We! The BootCampers of the Chief's Original BootCamp (COBC) are always in a run together as a group, to Motivate, to Inspire and to experience pain among each other.  Our group just got merrier w/ a total number of 33 runners, in categories of 11km, 21km & 42km; whom some are doing their maiden run in this event.  

List of COBC-BU&SJ runners (Compilled by
1) Sarge (COBC) Dann @ Daing Daniel Fitri - 11km
2) Corp (COBC) Chun @ Chun Chia Kai - 42km
3) Corp (COBC) Nawal - 21km
4) LC (COBC) Ody @ Nurfuadi Ruzalli - 11km
4) LC (COBC) (P) Wan @ Wan Hazriq - 42km
5) LC (COBC) (P) Letch - 11km
6) LC (COBC) (P) Rose @ Rose Emini Pahamin - 21km
7) Armin Baniaz Pahamin - 21km
7) Nyna Mohsen - 21km
8) Joe Liew - 21km
9) John Chuah - 21km (Maiden Half)
10) James Fong - 21km (Maiden Half)
11) Chan Meng Yam - 11km (Maiden Quarter)
12) Shear Ling Toh - 11km (Maiden Quarter)
13) Yum Kin Kok - 42km
14) Norliza Mohd Khaled - 21km (Maiden Half)
15) Ilyanna Aylin Ayob - 21km
16) Suriana Saiful Yazan - 11km
17) Bahariah Bahadom - 11km
18) Vivien Luyen Ow - 21km
19) Shazu Sabri - 11km
20) Viki Lim - 21km
21) Pooi Ching Khiew - 11km
22) Fareen Dzulkifli - 11km
23) Freda Liu - 21km
24) Lilian Lee - 21km
26) Joannita Zaleha Yusoff - 21km (Maiden Half)
27) Noor A. Othman - 11km
28) Raja Affandi Jamaluddin - 11km
29) John Ong - 11km
30) Jun King - 11km
31) T'ng Yng Tan  - 11km (Maiden Quarter)
32) Jeremy Liew (Maiden Half)
33) Yvonne Chen Ling Sze

This was my 2nd 21km marathon since PBIM last year.  Nervous & Excited since I had not been running much since the beginning of 2011, but thankfully I had been doing my Chief's Original BootCamp (COBC) ( Training and Sarge Dann did us a great favor in loads of Intensified Core & Staminas to help COBC runners (cum Race Horse) in achieving PB (Personal Best) as the Marathon schedules get close.

Positioning myself at the Starting line of the race track alongside my fellow 21km runners / COBC Bootcampers w/ Armin Baniaz Pahamin, John Chua, James Fong & Jeremy Liew, we were cam-whoring and enjoying the cheer-leading in awaiting for the starting horn to blow. 
20:00 - Flagged-Off, here we go another round of craziness & madness in running.  James Fong & I managed to squeezed through the crowd in leading the pack, for once we were in the leading front of the flagged-off; as usual posed for the video camera & cameras, waved at the crowds like a Champs, this was a golden experience.

The 21km route was 1 loop around the F1-Circuit exterior compounds woods (approx: 10km) & 2 loops on the Circuit's Race Track (approx: 5.5km each).  Nite running w/ our Head-Lights on to shine the path, got my head spinning; I switch it off & tagging along other runners w/ lid lights.  Runs, Sprints, Ascending & Descending, Inhale & Exhale in synchronizing my breathing, wondering Why do I get into this madness of running, but it was Cool running in the woods in darkness. 
Approaching the entrance into the circuit for my 2nd half of my 21km, I was really excited to lay my foots on the Formula-1 race track; to race like a F1 driver but with my pair of legs.  Did my 1st loop in 01:30 and speed-up hoping to sub-2 this 21km, but both my legs gave-in to the muscle cramps from my ham-string down to my toes (I called it Monkey Cramps); I continue my run in small steps to ease the cramps.  Along the way I was caught up by Norliza Mohd Khaled,  Ody @ Nurfuadi Ruzalli ,  Suriana Saiful Yazan & James Fong; it's a good sight to see our Chief's Original BootCamp (COBC) running vest on these bootcampers.

I clocked-out my 21km race in "Energizer Night Race Malaysia 2011 - Sepang F1 Circuit" in 02:11, in exhaustion, in cramps, in excitement, in satisfaction & in assurance for I completed my 21km race.

Sepang F1 Circuit starting line

Flag-Off line

Starting Line! In Position for Flag-Off

Let's Rawk & Roll
(From Left: Armin B.P. & Me-JoeLiew)

COBC Maiden/Virgin 21km Runners (in black tops)
(From Left: Me-JoeLiew, Jeremy Liew, James Fong & John Chua)
We'r the J's!

Running in my Chief's Original BootCamp Running Vest
(Compliment of COBC

Final Cam-Whoring w/ Armin B.P.
seconds away from flag-off

B'day cupcakes from YKK & Nana
(Front Left: PooiChing, YKK, Ilyanna Aylin Ayob,
Rose & Norliza Mohd Khaled.
Back Left: Nyna Mohsen, T'ng Yng Tan , Shearling Toh,
Bahariah Bahadom, Chan Meng Yam, Joannita Zaleha Yusoff,
Lillian Lee, Suriana Saiful Yazan)

COBC Chic Runners!
(From Left: Suriana Saiful Yazan, Norliza Mohd Khaled,
Rose Emini Pahamin, Viki Lim, PooiChing, Bahariah Bahadom,
 Corp Nawal, Nyna Mohsen.)

COBC Guys!
(Front Left: YKK, Ilyanna Aylin Ayob.
Back Left: Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Noor A. Othman,
James Fong, Jeremy Liew, John Chua, Ryan Wong & JoeLiew (Me))

COBC's Hunks!

Copr. Nawal & Armin B.P.
Armin B.P.

- Newton Runners -

My Race Bib #: G0921

Thumbs Up for
Chief's Original BootCamp (COBC)
Physical & Endurance Training

Time to go Home!

The Event & The Organiser
Energizer Night Race Malaysia 2011 - Sepang F1 Circuit was PROUDLY brought to the running community by Energizer and organized by Expose Media.
The event was an ALL TIME CATASTROPHE due to organizers incompetencies & dis-respects to the participants and the event's purpose.
The race compound was like a hugh Carnival, except deprived of qualified marshals & crews. 
Organizers failed to arrange/ill-prepared the marshals & officials in guiding & directing participants to respective locations for Registration, Head-Lights Collections, Flag-Off site. Some runners were running w/o their Bib # & chips (as anticipated for on-site race pack collection).  On the Race track, situation was in total chaos as there were lack of qualified marshals / crews to distribute ribbons at check-points to mark the distances completed by runners.  Presence of un-qualified "Security Guards" were asking runners to exit the race track upon reaching the finishing line w/o knowing the remaining distance these runners needs to complete. (Duhh! Finish Line meant u completed ur run???)

There were extremely LLLLLOOOOOONNNNNGGGG queues leading to Finisher medal, Finisher Tees & Goodies Bag collection counter's shut doors; due to an earlier incident by a previous group of runners that stormed the collection counter and took away the finisher medals & Tees for 21km & 42km runners.  Runners were waiting in lines and demanding for an answer on the silence treatment by the organizer. 

For a running crowds of 10,000 runners, perhaps EXPOSE MEDIA will be prepare on the next Prime Event!  You fall & you rise again...Prepared & Smarter! Quite an experience everyone shares on that very nite!

Statements from both Title Sponsor & Event Organizer

Energizer Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
- Title Sponsor -

* I ran for a great cause, in determination & in enduring the spirit of the race, a refund is simply an insult & dis-respect to the spirit.  Finisher Medal & finisher certificate are more encouraging in respect of the hard-ship & the spirit in each runners.    

Expose Media
- Event Organizer -

Expose Media

For more info on ENR-2011 kindly click on the link below:!/EnergizerNightRaceMalaysia

Energizer and Expose Media apologise for night race foul-up, click link below:

Energizer "World's Longest Lasting" Batteries Maker???
- Dun Think So! -

Perhaps Energizer Night Run will Rise Again!
- But Till Then....Adios! -

* Source from:, Joannita Jaleha Yusoff (FB), Nyna Mohsen (FB), Ilyanna Aylin Ayob (FB), Bahariah Bahadom (FB)
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