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10 May, 2011

Larian Bomba (08-May-2011)

Event: Larian Bomba 2011
Venue: Dataran Merdeka / Merdeka Square
Date: 08-May-2011 (Sunday)
Flag-Off Time: 07:30 am
Category: Cat. A (Men - 18 & Above)

Larian Bomba 2011
Running Route

The Bell Tower of Merdeka Square

Chief's Runners (COBC)
"Larian Bomba 2011" was my 1st time participation in this title sponsor by Malaysian Fire & Rescue (BOMBA).  Our group of runners from Chief's Original BootCamp - Malaysia comprise of 40 runners, whom 3 are doing their maiden run. 
(List compiled by & quoted from

1) Shaz Sabri A.K.A. Shazu (Maiden Runner)
2) Raja Affandi Raja Jamaluddin (Maiden Runner)
3) Rafikah Malek (Maiden Runner)
4) Armin Baniaz Pahamin
5) Sarge Dann
6) Corporal Nawal 
7) Corporal Chun Chia Kai
8) Lance Corporal Wan Hazriq
9) Lance Corporal Letch
10) Ody Nurfuadi Ruzalli
11) Farhanah Bamadhaj
12) Joanita Zaleha Yusoff
13) Noor A. Othman
14) Joe Liew Y.L. (Me)
15) Lilian Lee
16) Shaz
17) Norliza Mohd Khaled
18) Luyen Ow
19) Debbie Burgess
20) Lizza Abdul Rahim
21) Viki Lim
22) Siti Balqis Mohd Saldi
23) Ilyanna Aylin Ayob
24) Malek Aziz
25) Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor (Ded)
26) Bahariah Bahadom
27) Fareem
28) Ryan Wong
29) Suriana Saiful Yazan
30) Afiza Abdul Halin
31) Amir Hisyam
32) John Chuah
33) Jun King
34) PooiChing Khiew
35) Farah Fazu
36) Lizi Lim
37) Atie
38) Firah
39) Jorge  
It's been a couple of weeks since I last run in Energizer Night Race, not in a running mode at all; but the Hilly routes was interesting as this is my first time running Merdeka Square and I love Hills.  07:30am Flagged-off from Merdeka Square, continue running towards Bank Negara, then up to Bukit Tunku, later proceeded up to Jalan Duta (Ministry of Education), ran along the freeway @ Jalan Duta down to the ramp up to Parliament Road then the final sprint all the way towards Merdeka Square.  It was a blast with all the hilly routes, I was enjoying it all the way.  I'll rather run a full hilly route, rather than then flat ground; at least it pushes my vertical ascending limits.  Clocked-out my 10km run @ 00:56mins for Category A - Men.

Not much of a runner myself but I join marathon occasionally for stress reliefs & to endure myself.  Besides maintaining a healthy diet, I improves my physical fitness mainly by training my Core, Stamina & Endurance in Chief's Original BootCamp (COBC) Physical Training.  I somehow prefer COBC Intensified Physical Training than running, and I am still training in it. 

It's been almost 12months now since I joined Chief's Original BootCamp and I'm still Loving It!
My most sincere gratitude to Sarge Dann (aka Daing Daniel Fitri) who is my friend & my COBC trainer; as well as the COBC family of crazy trainers, admins, buddies that shines Great Spirit, Attitudes & Passions.  HOOYAH to you guys!

My Photo Journal

Chief's Runners!
(From Left: Rafiqa, Farhanah, Corp. Chun, Lizza Abdul Rahim,
Noor, Lillian Lee, Joanita, Letch & Me)

Chief's Chics in Pink COBC Running Vest
(From Left: Rose Emini Pahamin, Viki Lim, Lizza Abdul Rahim,
Rafiqa, Nyna & Debbie)

Chief's Runners
(From Left Front: Debbie, Corp. Chun, Me & LC Wan
From Left Back: Shazu, Rose, Rafikah, Lizza, Corp. Nawal,
Viki Lim, Nyna and Raja Affandi)
From Left: JoeLiewY.L. (Me), Raja Affandi,
Armin Baniaz Pahamin)

Raja Affandi & Me
(Both of us signed up for Sasuke Malaysia to face our challenges)

Flag-Off Line!
Approximately 10,000 runners participated in
"Larian Bomba 2011"

Bomba Mascott

-Let's RUN!-

We Completed the Run
(From Left: Debbie, YKK & Me)

YKK & Me

We Runs, We Endures & We Pose!

Posing for the Camera!

Fire & Rescue team Malaysia

Another Mile-stone on my running
Clocked-Out my 10km run
@ 56mins

"You Run, You Fall, You Pick Yourself Up & Move-On!"

- Character are shaped by the Challenges & Obstacles that blends into Our Life,
Deals with it and Move-On! -

Picture sources from:, Malaysia Runners Network (FB), Tey Eng TIong (FB), Ms. Nyna M. (FB), Yum Kin Kok (FB)

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