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25 June, 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary!...CHIEF'S OBC Malaysia!

HAPPY 1st Anniversary!...COBC-Malaysia.

Happy 1st Anniversary to Chief's Original BootCamp (COBC) - Malaysia Team. Kudos and Thank You to the Admin & the Trainers of COBC-M'sia for the Tender, Loving, Care (TLC) work-out & encouragements that PUSHED me beyond my own limits during the 1st year of my training in COBC-Bandar Utama (COBC-BU).

I had never been exposed to such an exhausted High-Intensity Cardio, Staminas & Core Strength
work-out.  Comprises of century count of Grunts, Thrusters, Chest Pump, Squad Pulses, Military Sit-Ups, Jack-Knives, Mountain Climbers, Seal-Jacks and many more that new to me. 

From a hand-full of Participants / Recruits that had grown to a Bountiful of Recruits now in Bandar Utama, USJ & Damansara Heights; U guys had endure onto a rough and uneasy path to expand the coverage of this Amazing Program, that touch the many lifes that Inspired the Inspiring.

Breath-Taking, Crazy & Highly-Intense work-out as it may sound but I sure found out by Experiencing it Personally by Joining COBC-Malaysia.

I was 'ere A year ago and I AM still 'ere Tougher in Mind, Body & Soul!
Photos Dedication of Chief's OBC Trainers (In Red-Tees)
for their deepest dedications in their personal times, efforts & motivational supports.
Chief Brabon

Trainers are in RED-TEES
COBC-Malaysia Team
(Trainers & Administration Team)
w/ Chief Brabon & Gunny Emily

From Left: Armin Baniaz Pahamin & Doc Malek Aziz.
Both of them are survival of Cancer that don't give-up easily in their life,
they are highly active in any outdoor activities that they can get their hands on.

Trainers are sometimes the recruits (in Grey) to maintain their fitness.

COBC-Malaysia Trainers & Administration

Sarge Dann @ Daing Danial Fitri

Corporal Chun Chia Kai

Corporal Nawal Aini

Corporal Tom @ Mohd Azhari Md

Wan Hazriq Abdullah

Corporal Letch Sina

COBC-Malaysia Trainers