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21 November, 2011

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 (PBIM) - By Allianz

A Special DEBUT to MY running buddies
who did their Maiden Full & Half Marathon!!!

Event: Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM 2011) -By Allianz
Date: 20th-November-2011
Venue: QueensBay Mall, Penang
Categories & Flg-Off Time:
  1. Full Marathon - 0200am (Men & Women)
  2. Half Marathon - 0300am (Men) & 0315 (Women)
  3. 10KM Run - 0600am (Open) & 0615 (Junior)
Full Marathon (42km)

Half Marathon (21km)

Quarter Marathon (10km)

I was UNABLE to make it for PBIM-2011 this time due to schedule clashed, but this posting served as a DEBUT to all my running buddies that went the distances for their MAIDEN Full Marathon (FM) & Half Marathon (HM).  Salute & Congratulation for taking a step further in running the distances!

Though I was unable to make it for PBIM-2011, the adrenaline rush was very much anticipated over the whatsapp communications in my cellular phone; that kept me awake from reading those text messaging.  I couldn't restrain myself from the thought of counting down for Full Marathon flag-off, I should be on this Maiden Full Marathon together with my band of running buddies; but was called-off due to a schedule clashed with a charity program that take place on the same day in KL. 

However, PBIM was a happy ending for my running buddies; for they crossed their first / maiden Full & Half Marathon finishing line.  They experienced the satisfaction of going the distance in endurance, they've got their first ever 42km finisher medal & finisher Tee; but most importantly they had got a more intense bonuses of OOhhh & Oouucchh which comes in a PainFull Package in this much favor activity.

The Participating runners from my fellow running buddies consisted of the following (Remember I'm not in this PBIM run):
  1. Smart James Fong (Maiden FM)
  2. Gorgeous Lillian Lee (Maiden FM)
  3. Gorgeous Joannita Z-Yusof (Maiden FM)
  4. Smart Noor Othman (Maiden FM)
  5. Gorgeous Chan Meng Yam (Maiden HM)
  6. Gorgeous Shearling Toh (Maiden HM)
  7. Gorgeous Rienna Choo (QM)
  8. Gorgeous Amy Ho (QM)
  9. Gorgeous Wong Siew Peng (HM)
  10. Gorgeous Joanna Tan (HM)
  11. Smart Staff Sarge Dann (QM)
  12. Gorgeous Ody Lana (QM)
(* Gorgeous is address to the ladies & Smart is address to the gentleman) as suggested by  "Gorgeous" Participant Yam

I wasn't there in-person for this trip, but was enlightened by my running buddies experiences & emotionals touch through FaceBook.  Posting will be published based upon their FB pictures & comments posting.

A Great Run starts with a Greatd Carbo-Loading FEAST!
Asam Laksa
Penang Bangkok Lane - Mee Goreng

Penang Duck Egg Fried Koey Teow

Penang Goreng Pisang

Penang Shrimp MeeHoon Soup (Har Mee)


Pasta Loading
(Lower G.I. Carbs)
Pasta Loading

Famous Penang Apom

Apom Stall

Penang Cendol

Penang Nasi Kandar



Chief's OBC Red-Tees Trainers Carbo-Loading for runs

StaffSarge / Starge in CarboRobics!
(*Someone snap this picture & I just published it)

They Carbo-Load & They Ran the Distances!

PBIM-2011 Race Kit Collection Counters

Ody Lana

StaffSarge / Starge Dann Ultimatum

Running Bib for both Starge Dann & Ody

Before the Run!
(From Left: Shearling Toh, James Fong, Yam, Lillian Lee)

Moments away from Flag-Off!
(From Left: James Fong, Lillian Lee, Alex & Joannita)

One for All & All for One
-To Motivate & To Encourage-

Posting from *UNCLE* John Chua's lead.

Posting from Mommy PooiChing's lead.

Posting from Joannita J. Yusof's lead.

Posting for Joannita J. Yusof's lead.

Posting for Joannita J. Yusof's lead

My Own Posting

They CROSSED The Finishing Line!

They Did It!
(From Left: ShearLing Toh, Joannita, Lillian, Noor,
James Fong & Yam)

Style Running!
(From Left: Starge Dann, Ody & Lillian)

Style Running w/ Dodo!
(From Left: Starge, Ody, Sarge Chun & Lillian)

The Marathon Runners!
(From Left: Lillian, Alex, James Fong & Noor)

The Running Babes!
(From Left: Yam, Lillian & Shearling)

The Running Babes
(From Left: Amy Ho, Rienna Choo & Wong Siew Peng)

Running Babes!
(From Left: Joanna Tan, Amy Ho & Rienna Choo)

(From Left: Wong Siew Peng, Amy Ho,
Joanna Tan & Rienna Choo)

The Ladies Did It!

Starge Dann's Angels!

StaffSarge Dann's Angels!

42KM / Full Marathon Finisher

The Full Marathoners!

Cheers To You All.
You Guys Did It!

"As We go the Running Distance to Discover Challenges in Life,
We Explores into Greater Limits that We Endures;
We Seek Comforts in Each Others' Companions,
We Seek Courage in Wisdoms & Encouragements to Move Forward"
We are A band of Buddies that Stood by Each Other!
StaffSarge Dann & Ody

Joannita J. Yusof & Noor Othman
(They run, they slowdown, they walk;
but together they don't Give Up! )
LOVE are nurtured over the Understanding, Careness & Patience
in us to face with the obstacles & challenges that lay down
at every turn in our Life.

They don't Give Up & They Go the distances as ONE!

* Sources are from FaceBook Posting of Lillian Lee, Amy Ho, StaffSarge Dann Ultimatum, John Chua, Khiew PooiChing & Joannita J. Yusof.