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19 February, 2012

2012 PaceSetters Mizuno Relay 4x3km

Event: 2012 PaceSetters Mizuno Relay 4 x 3km
Date: 19-Feb-2012
Venue: Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur

PaceSetters Mizuno Relay 4 x 3km Relay
A team of 4 runners relay run that covers a running distance of 3km per runner. 
* Details are available at

My Relay Run
I signed up for PaceSetters Mizuno Relay run with my fellow Chief's Original BootCampers (COBC) and teamed up with the Tigers of our team "053" consisted of Ms, Norliza Affandi, Letch Sina & James Fong.

There were few other teams from COBC that participated in this relay whom are John Chua, Lilian Lee, Shearling Toh, SiewPeng Wong, Amy Ho, Rienna Choo, Maslina Ahmad Ismail, Umesh Narasimhaiah, Brittany Lim, Eric Chang Dixon Thum, Tan Wee Liam, Advance Tan, Andrew Phang, Lorrine C Xavier & Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad.  (Apologized if I missed out anyone here)

The relay was exciting, route was challenging, organizer was well-organized, great sportsmanship from runners and the adrenaline was exceptional.  Most importantly, we share our passion in running & cam-whoring together as a Team of Soul-Achievers.

Picture of the Relay
Team 53
From Left: JoeLiew (Me), Letch Sina,
 Norliza Affandi & James Fong

Flag-Off @ 0700AM
Runner 053A - Norliza Affandi on the far left front

Passing of Baton from runner "053A" to "053B"

"053B"- Letch Sina
Sprinted & Sprinted & Focusing on 1 goal,
to pass the baton to "053C"

There you go, runner "053C"! - James Fong
Sprinted for the final count-down.
That's the spirit of P.I.A

"053A" was travelling so fast in light speed,
that the camera shuttle speed couldn't get a fix on him Haha!
Alright, my turn as last runner "053D"

  Making my exit to the main road for my 3km sprint.

Equations on the road!

Picture By: SoonChung Lim

Picture By: SoonChung Lim
Runner "053D" Final Sprint to Finishing Line.

Team 53! Runners A, B, C & D all Checked-In

My own time check.

Relay Completed for Team 53!
By: PooiChing Khiew

By PooiChing Khiew

Satisfaction! Team 53
A Good Relay, A Great TeamWork & time to
cam-whore w/ finisher medal.
Team 60
From Left: SiewPeng Wong, John Chua,
Lilian Lee & Shearling Toh

Posing with Norliza after she passed her
baton to runner "053B"

We Run, We Race & We Support Each Other!
From Left: Maslina, PooiChing Khiew,
Colin Chong Wern Loong & MengYam Chan

The Hot Mommies!

Facial muscle warm-up before the race starts.

Runner "067A" - Lorrine C. Xavier

Team 67 - All runners Checked-In!
Runner "067D" - WeeLiam Tan

Team 60
From Left: SiewPeng Wong, Lilian Lee, ShearLing Toh & John Chua

Team 53!
My fellow Team Mates

Team 66

Uncle John & Me

Shearling Toh & Me

COBC! Reach for the sky & go beyond your limit.

Uncle John and his bowl of Ice-Cendol!
From Left: Lillian Lee, Dzul Aminuddin, Norliza Affandi,
Letch Sina & John Chua.

Team 67

COBC Runners!
From Left: Andrew Phang, WeeLiam Tan, James Fong,
Dixon Thum & Ali.

For Arielle!

We Ran & We Pose for the camera!
From Left: JoeLiew, James Fong, MengYam Chan, Lilian Lee,
ShearLing Toh, Dee Sativale, PooiChing Khiew,
Noerliza Affandi, Letch Sina & KinKok Yum.
Front: Hashida Lee & Razlan Nizaruddin

Photo By: Kenny Foo

Photo By: KinKok Yum (YKK)

My Fellow BU-Fellowship, now where's Uncle John Chua?
A friendship that was honored by unprecedented supports & respect for
Personal Improvements & Break-Throughs
in Agonizing challenges since 2010!

Brothers! James Fong & Me
We (As well as BU-Fellowship) conquered marathons & challenges together,
1 down and more to come!
Let's Roll!

Race Result: 01:02
Ranking: 14th out of 101 teams

Respect the Distance, Respect the Obstacles
& Above All Respect the Friendship we honored over time!

* Pictures are sourced from: Tey Eng Tiong, SoonChung Lim, Chooi Wan, Yum Kin Kok (YKK), PooiChing Kiew, Lilian Lee & ShearLing Toh.

* Blog had been updated with photos released by the above mentioned sources.