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06 March, 2012

"Mou Man Tai" 5km Run 2012 (by: Tom, Dick & Harry's)

"Mou Man Tai" 5km Night Run 3.0 (2012)

Proudly Presented By: Tom, Dick & Harry's (TDH)
in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

Event: Mou Man Tai 5km night run 3.0
Date: 4th-March-2012 (Sunday)
Time: 7:00pm
Host: Tom, Dick & Harry's (TDH)
Venue: TDH Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

Tom, Dick & Harry's
Tom, Dick & Harry's located in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail is a cosy tavern well reputed for their nice selection of tap and bottled beer; as well as a wide selection of savoury western foods.

Please take note that dinning in TDH with pets are....STRICTLY WELCOME!

Mou Man Tai Night Run !
Having a bad moody day? Mou Man Tai!...Need a cosy place to ease your food & beer hunger? Mou Man Tai!...Need a run to drop your extra grease? Mou Man Tai!...

"Mou Man Tai" in Cantonese is "无问题"! or english term No Problem; but by TDH's definition it is an annual event of 5km Night Run, that brings together it's patrons to participate in a fun run for health awareness & friendship bonding. Mou Man Tai Night Run had now expanded to approximately 600 participating patrons with majority of marathoners.

An event that serves a good cause of health awareness, with great organizing host (TDH) & an excellent finisher award of "FREE-FLOW OF BEERS!!!" What more can you ask for? Absolutely Konfirm...MOU MAN TAI!

TDH-Mou Man Tai Running-Tee

Tom, Dick & Harry's
-Your Friendly Neighbourhood Pub & Kitchen-

Runners awaiting for Flag-Off from TDH balcony

MMT Running-Tees collection counter
(Like any other professional marathon race)

Event MC for MMT
Running spirit & atmosphere, Konfirm Mou Man Tai

Question & Answer with free gifts

Who wants the Jug?
Question: How many runners in tonight's Mou Man Tai run?

100 Plus isotonic drink in the house,
but all were eager for the Free-Flow Beers

Free-Flow of Carlsberg Beer
-Courtesy of Tom, Dick & Harry's and Carlsberg-
Nutrition replenishment by
-Nutri Malt-

Trafff runners
(The Running Apostles for Fun, Food & Friendship) 

Trafff & Cobc runners
(From left: Shearling Toh, Lilian Lee, Liza Affandi,
Rienna Choo & friend)

Hmmm! Trafff & COBC Otais
(From Left: PooiChing Khiew, John Chuah, MengYam Chan,
KimKok Yum, Liza Affandi, Rienna Choo, Letch Sina & James Fong)

They were here early for cam-whoring

I Luv Tom, Dick & Harry's

Ehh! Ever-ready for the camera
James Fong & MengYam Chan

Mou Man Tai runners.

Arielle running Mou Man Tai

 Baby: I Luv TDH

Mou Man Tai...Konfirm!

Ever-ready for the camera


Runners ready at flag-off line

Mou Man Tai

Group Photo

600 runners on the street
(Like any other professional marathon event, traffics were
monitored by Royal Malaysian Police & RELA)

 Generations of TDH patron running for a healthy cause
We finished MMT run with finisher free-flow beers

And the Post Run Celebration began.....
....Let's PARTAYYY!
Lum Oldman & Shear on Beer Marathon

Opps, James Fong & Me on a Beer marathon.

Papa Yap In-Da-House...Haha!
(From left: MengYam Chan, PooiChing Khiew & Hubby'Yapp and ShearLing Toh

Cam-Whoring with James Fong, MengYam Chan & Arielle

Mama PooiChing...we know Yap is off-the-market
but he's a ladies magnet
ShearLing Toh & Rachel Khiew

ShearLing Toh & friends
Too High from the 5km run

Uncle John!
1 down more to go.

Uncle John A.K.A "Gandalf the RED"! & Mama PC Going-All-Out
(this a Priceless Shot!)

Uncle Chan the marathon photographer & KK Yum
(From Left: Uncle Chan, KimKok Yum & Me)

The Running Apostles for Fun, Food & Friendship
We Run & We Partayyy hard!

 Thank You to TDH for not chasing me away.

2 Marathoners!

Hungry!!! Mou Man Tai!
We "Lok Lok" by the Steamboat Van.

Hungry for food & alcohol, let's go
Address: Tom, Dick & Harry's (TDH)
#18, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
T: (+603) 7731.2265 / (+6019) 697.5080

Tom, Dick & Harry's - Your friendly neighbourhood bar & kitchen!

Earlier Morning Session
On that same sunday morning, Chief's OBC (COBC) runners participated in 2 separate runs; they were World Kidney Day Run 2010 (at Dataran Merdeka) & 1 Vision Run (at Padang Merbok).

Crazy as it seemed but we loves running and get healthy on the road with my fellowship!

For more detail write-up on these 2 running events by our Chief's Original BootCamp kindly click on Armin's blog  Here!

World Kidney Day Run 2012 - @ Dataran Merdeka
(From Left: Joanitta, Me, James Fong, Liza Affandi,
John Chuah, Lilian Lee, PooiChing Khiew & ShearLing Toh)

Photo Session!
(Photo by: Rose E. P.)

JoeLiew On The Road!

Final Sprint to the finishing line!
(Photo by: Sze Ming Hui)

The Running Apostles for Fun, Food & Friendship
Photo By: KahWai Low

Strength & Honor!

* Pictures are from: KimKok Yum, PooiChing Khiew, ShearLing Toh, "Tom, Dick & Harry's", Sze Ming Hui, KahWai Low, Rose E. P., MengYam Chan & Lillian Lee.

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