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20 January, 2012

Xiamen International Marathon 2012 - My Maiden Full Marathon

My Maiden Full Marathon (42km)

Event: Xiamen International Marathon 2012
Country: China (Xiamen, Fujian Province)
Date: 07th-Jan-2012
Time: 0800am
Weather: Winter (13c - 18c)
Race Course:
FM (42.195km), HM(21.0975km), 10km and 5km, Cross-Strait Invitational Marathon Tournament, Wheelchair Half Marathon and Roller Skating 12km race
My Race: 42km (全程)
About Xiamen International Marathon (XIM)
Xiamen International Marathon has been held annually for nine consecutive years since 2003.  It is deemed as IAAF Gold Label Road Race for four consecutive years.  Every January, the first medal for Marathon race around the world is awarded here.  The race has become a golden name card, showing its splendor to the whole world.  Total participants in Xiamen International Marathon this year (2012) consisted of 75,000 and with International participants / runners from 58 different countries.

Race categories consisted of Full Marathon (42.195km), Half Marathon (21.0975km), WheelChair Half Marathon, Roller Skating 12km Race, 10km and 5km.  The marathon also includes tournament for Cross-Strait Invitational Marathon Tournament that includes professional international long distance runners from other countries.

The run is broadcast LIVE from world media coverage, with more than 40 domestic and overseas media including CCTV (China Central Telivision / 中国中央电视台)that give live aerial broadcast through the whole course.  Xiamen International Marathon has an audience of several billions, 70% of the world population will be viewing the live broadcast of this event.  Full coverage live broadcast will also be available on the internet in many website such as,,, and

2012 Xiamen International Marathon Race Course

Xiamen International Marathon course is rewarded as one of the most beautiful courses in the world.
  1. Full Marathon (42.195km):
    Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center (The Strat) →Huandao Road → Minzu Road → Lujiang Road → South Hubin Road → Mid Hubin Road → North Hubin Road → Dongdu Road → West Hubin Road → Lujiang Road → Yanwu Bridge → Huandao Road → Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center(The Finish)
  2. Half Marathon (21.0975km): Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center(The Strat)→ Huandao Road → Minzu Road → Lujiang Road → South Hubin Road → Mid Hubin Road → East section of North Hubin Road£¨Qixing Road) (The Finish)
  3. Wheelchair Half marathon: Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center(The Start)→ Huandao Road → Yanwu Bridge → Lujiang Road → South Hubin Road →Mid Hubin Road → North Hubin Road → East section of North Hubin Road£¨Qixing Road) (The Finish)
  4. Roller skating 12km: Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center(The Start)→ Huandao Road → Bus stop of Xia Da Bai Cheng (The Finish)
  5. 10km Run: Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center(The Strat) → Huandao Road → West Zengcuoan Road (Intersection of Xiamen Software District) (The Finish)
  6. 5km Run: Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center (The Strat) → Huandao Road → South Yunding Road£¨Entrance to Yunding Tunnel) (The Finish)

My Maiden Full Marathon

A Full Marathon in the year 2012 of the Dragon, in China "The land of the Dragon" and for a chinese descendant /龙的传人" such as me was a memorable maiden Full Marathon effort to my Passage to Running Freedom.  Xiamen International Marathon 2012 marked my break-through in my long distance running activities mileage when I registered for my maiden Full Marathon (42.195km) in it, which was scheduled on 07th-Jan-2012 (Winter) in Xiamen, Fujian Province in China. 

After much encouragements from my fellow veteran & newly upgraded Full Marathon runners buddies, I registered myself into it to go beyond my routine distance.  The event will be a combination of my Full Marathon running and my family bonding with my China relatives (Grand-Uncles/Aunts, Uncles/Aunts and cousins) in Xiamen, China.  I departed for Xiamen (China) on the 4th-Jan-12 (Wednesday) to allow few days of family visits and sight-seeing before the race begins on the 7th-Jan.  Returning on the 9th-Jan (Monday) was rather short as I do enjoy spending much quality family time with my China relatives and all the home-cooked local cuisines that I had an opportunity to taste.

Lets step into my journey through my viewfinder and explore my passage into the "Land of the Dragon, China"  

Race Bib collection in Xiamen Youth Stadium

Collection lane for Full Marathon "全程"
My Maiden Full Marathon Race Bib
FM runner 06242
in Xiamen International Marathon (China)

Official opening by Xiamen Mayor, International Marathon Chairman
and government delegates from abroad.

Lets Roll!

Time to Pose!
I came for fun too.

A warm welcome by China Flag

Supports and Cheerings to runners by the
cadets of this military school

Supports from a nearby Fine-Art academy!
They were dressed up in Qing Dynasty war costume,
with drum beats.
In red XIM jacket - Half Marathon

In white XIM jacket - Full Marathon

Crossroad for Half & Full Marathon

Medical Assistant

Didn't know I had a boutique in Xiamen, China.
(But it's refreshes my spirit for this FM)

Family Supports to runners

Adidas support station for Adi-Runner

I caught-up with Super Man

*Taken By CXC

*Taken By CXC

In exhaustion
*Taken By CXC
*Taken By CXC

*Taken By CXC

*Taken By CXC
Family Support
*Taken By CXC

*Taken By CXC

Tough but not defeated
*Taken By CXC

*Taken By CXC

 Given by by-stander supporter for my last 5km.
Yummy & Life Saver!

Finishing Strong in exhaustion

Finisher Certificate was printed on the spot.

I Completed my Maiden Full Marathon in
"Xiamen International Marathon"

Xiamen, China
Xiamen also known as Amoy, is a major city on the southeast (Taiwan Strait) coast of the People's Republic of China.  It is administered as a sub-provincial city of Fujian province with an area of 1,573 square kilometres (607 sq.mi) and population of 3.53 million.  Its built up area is now bigger than the old urban island area and covers now all 6 districts of Xiamen (Huli, Siming, Jimei, Tong'an, Haicang and recently Xiang'an) for 3,531,147 inhabitants.  It borders Quanzhou to the north and Zhangzhou making this city a unique built up area of more than 5 million people.  The Jinmen (KinMen) Islands administered by the Republic of China (Taiwan) are less than 10kilometres (6.2mi) away.
Xiamen and the surrounding southern Fujian countryside are the ancestral home to large communities of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.  The city was a treaty port in the 19th century and one of the four original Special Economic Zones opened to foreign investment and trade when China began economic reforms in the early 1980s.  It is endowed with educational and cultural institutions supported by the overseas Chinese diaspora.  In 2006, Xiamen was ranked as China's second "Most Suitable City fo Living."
* Sourced from Wikipedia (

Xiamen from my ViewFinder
The places I visited and local delicacies I tasted during my visit in Xiamen will be best detailed by photos captured through my viewfinder.

Onboard Xiamen Airline
-MF 0858-

In-Flight meal
(Only managed to finished 1/3)

Arrival at Xiamen Airport at night 
I am in China
Lu Dao Hotel (陆岛酒店)
My hotel until my race day on 7th-Jan

From my room
There's a mini farm next to my hotel

Police X'ing

Gong Xi Fa Cai
- Dragon Year-

”步行街“ 中山路
Walk Street in Zhong Shan Road

Local delicacies store

Some Hard-Shell seafood jelly

My China's 2nd Grand-Aunt

She was cooking the Oyster Rice Noodle for me.
Authentic Hokkien dish.

Oyster Rice Noodle Soup

Pan-Fried Oyster

Fried Oyster
I do eat Mcdonald occasionally,
only if the menu is different. 

Beef patties in Tortilla Wrap
Nite view from my Grand-Uncle's condo

公安 / Police

PRC Government Building with the Red Party
Emblem at the main entrance

 Temperature was 6 degrees the day before.

 Military to the cab I was in

Walking to the Flag-Off Site at
Xiamen International Exhibition Hall


A Potato Vendor

公安 / 警察
 Xiamen International Marathon 2012

Locations Map for various flag-off
Flag-Off for 5km

Flag-Off for 10km

Flag-Off for 21km (Half Marathon)

Flag-Off for 42.195km (Full Marathon)

Statue of Xiamen International Marathon

Mobile Screen for the event

CHINA - Atheletes

Event Carnival by TsingDao Beer(青岛啤酒)

Cheer-Leader of QingDao Beer

The Smiles & Joy of 2102 C&D XIamen International Marathon

The Wall of Joy & Achievements
Famous Satay Noodle

Xiamen old street

Xiamen University

陈嘉庚 铜像
Tan Kah Kee Statue
Founder of Xiamen University

Universitas Amoiensis

New Generation of Chinese

Enlightening Your Future starts here
Xiamen University 

Students dormitories

Student Dormitories

Cornerstone of Success

Xiamen University Stadium
- Felt like the Colliseum -

Taking a walk with my China Aunt



By 天际

Memorial Stone Statues for
"International Music Competition"
for contestant from around the world

Chief's OBC Xiamen in the winter


By 天际
With my China Uncle

By 天际

By 天际
By 天际
Xiamen International Marathon Statue
along HuanDao Road (环岛路)

The sky clear its path to commenmorate
the Successfull ending of
"Xiamen International Marathon"

Xiamen Nite Press
"New Record Set on the most Beautifull Race Track"

I am Leaving On a Jet-Plane
(Xiamen Airport)

Aboard MF 0857
Xiamen Airline

Departing Xiamen

I am coming Home!

My Gratitude & Appreciation
My gratitude and appreciations to my families who supports my Weight Lose & Marathon journey since I started back in Summer of 2010. 

Also to Chief's Original BootCamp (COBC) program that strengthen my fitness both physically and mentally in going the distance to in Reaching-Beyond-My-Limit.

To my fellow Chief's Original BootCamp (COBC) Red-Tees trainers Staff-Sarge Dann, Sarge Nawal, Sarge Chun, Sarge Tom, Lance Corp/Corp Wan, Ody; Armin BP, Rose EP, Doc Malek & Farhanah.  Thank You for pushing me until I nearly *FAINT* but not puke.

Last but not least, to my fellow OTAIS / Buddies who encourages me to set-foot on many races and shared the same Marathon Craze to train in tremendous determination in conquering the obstacles.  We share together-gether the pains in trainings, injuries in muscle discomfort, tears in enduring the challenges, discourage in frustration; but we posses a common traits to Encourage-Each-Other to cross the FINISH line in courage.  THANK YOU for this bonding of friendship.  (James Fong, MengYam Chan, John Chuah, KinKok Yum, ShearLing Toh, Lilian Lee, Joannita Z. Yusof, Noor Othman, Viki Lim, Jeffery Wong, PooiChing Khiew, Norliza Affandi & Papa Affandi Jamaludin)

To Staff-Sarge Dann:
"I would not have step-foot and accomplish my Marathon journey
without your Coaching, Guidances & Encouragements."
THANK YOU my brother at arm!

By 天际

By 天际
I-RAN-Xiamen Marathon!

Name: YawLoong Liew (Joe)
Bib #: 06242
Category: Full Marathon (全程)
Official-Time: 4:34

Wishing all
Happy Chinese New Year
& Gong Xi Fa Cai
(Click link below for CNY Clip greeting)

* Pictures are from various sources as mentioned in each picture:, initial "CXC" is by my china uncle & "天际" by my china aunt(
* Some photos are taken from my cab, angle & quality are taken as best as possible.