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26 August, 2012

Perth Chevron City to Surf International Marathon 2012 (My Sub-4 FM PB)

Date: 26th Aug 2012
Event: Perth Chevron City to Surf Marathon 2012
Venue: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Categories: FM (42km), HM (21km), 12km Run, 12km Walk, 4km Walk/Run & 4km WheelChai
My Run: Full Marathon (42km)
Flag-Off Time: 06:00am

About Chevron City to Surf Marathon
The City to Surf for Activ is Activ's major fundraining event.  Now in its 38th year it has become the second largest official times race in the Souther Hemisphere with over 42,000 participants in 201
This year 2012, Perth City to Surf for Activ is thrilled to announce Chevron Australia has signed on again as the exclusive naming rights partner for 2012's event.  Managing Director Roy Krzywosinski said Chevron wags proud to support such a fun, healthy and worthwhile event.

"The Chevron City to Surf for Activ event is powered by Human Energy - that's why for the second year running we are proud to be a part of an event that energises our employees and the broader West Australian community," Mr. Krzywosinki said.

* For detail write-up of the history of this event, kindly click on this link: History of Perth City to Surf Marathon

Marathon Categories Course Map
Perth City to Surf Marathon course are categorised into 6 categories of:
1) Full Marathon (42km)
2) Half Marathon (21km)
3) 12km Run
4) 12km Walk
5) 4km Walk/Run
6) 4km WheelChair

Full Marathon (42km)

Half Marathon (21km)

12km Run & Walk

4km Walk/Run & WheelChair

We RAN "Perth Chevron City to Surf International Marathon 2012"
We ran Perth Chevron City to Surf International Marathon 2012 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia. with my group of Chief Original BootCampers & Running Buddies.  Running beyond border that is, we set our foots to venture internationally into foreign land to go beyond the distance.  There are 7 of us including a 10 y/o Child, whom are:

1) Patricia Lim (Half Marathon)
2) May Wong (Half Marathon)
3) Elgy Tan (Half Marathon)
4) Irink Neo (Half Marathon)
5) Jason Tan (Child)
6) Advance Tan (Half Marathon)
7) Me (Full Marathon)

Picturelogue of our Perth Chevron City to Surf International Marathon 2012!

The Maiden Half Marathoners (21KM)
From Left: Elgy, Patricia, May, Irink & Advance

Posing with the amazing Maiden Half Marathoners

Sun in Perth Winter

Our Perth Travelogue
Travelling a week before our marathon event that was set on 26th-Aug-2012, we ventured into the city of Perth by touring around the city's famous landscapes & memorials; feasting on local delicacies to carbo load for our marathon running.

Let's go to my picturelogue on this amazing Perth travel!
City Stay Apartment Hotel in Wellington Street,
Perth CBD, Western Australia
Little Creatures Restaurant
where we had our first Australian Meal


Well! Cam is busy at the moment

Australian Beef Burger

Salmon Ceasar Salad

Potatoes Wedges

Jason enjoying his beverages

Free & Easy tour around da city of Perth CBD
With a guided map & a list of places of interest to go, we ventured into Perth City on our own.
Public transport is conveniently available to the locals & tourists for touring around da city.

C'mon son give mum a bite of Pringles
(May & Jason)

Kick Yawning in the Mouth..Pepsi

Keep Yawning in My Mouth

Perth CBD Public Transport

The City counsil has a Free Public Transport
around city center its called "CAT"


The Map of CAT Stop around Perth CBD City Center

Local business

Grab some BUDS-weiser
(BudWeiser beer)

Mercedes College

- Awaken the Giant within -

Parking Tickets kiosk
You can pay by Credit Card too

Perth Mint

Gold Digging expedition

Entrance into Perth Mint lobby

Early Gold Miner living tent & onside gold mining tools

Subway Sandwiches

Perty City Hall

London Courtyard
It's a shopping mall within this ancient building

Inside the London Courtyard

OMG (Original Makan Group)

Pinnacles Tour 
We ventured further into Pinnacles which is 245km / 3 hours drive from the center of Perth City.  Along the way we stop by Caversham Wildlife Park to view the renowned Australia Koalas, Kangaroos, Wombat and many more of Australia wild life.  Then we made a lunch stop at the "Lobster Shack", to experience the production line of life lobster for exporting.  A long journey to the Pinnacles to view

15 minutes pit stop on our way to pinnacles

Lobster Lunch

Advance, Jason & May


The Australian Pinnacle

Sand Boarding

Quest for Soul Foods
On a quest for Soul Food in Perth City, we were recommended by friends who resides in Perth to visit certain restaurants for some famous delicious soul foods, some other restaurant or pastries were recommended online.

Corica Pastries @ 106 Aberdeen Street, NorthBridge, Perth CBD
Famous Apple Strudel

Fine Dining @ The Loose Box Restaurant
in Mundaring, Perth (WA)

Swan Valley Wine Cruise day trip & a Cruise into the old city of Fremantle
We went on the Captain Crook Cruise up to Swan Valley with the "Pink Bus Swan Valley Tour" to tour around Swan Valley.  The tour includes wine tasting at few selected winery, Yahava Koffee Workz company, Cape Lavende, The Margaret River Chocolate Company, Alcohol tasting of Muscat and then returned to Perth CBD via coach, then onto the Fremantle Prison Night Tour.

On the next day we extended our cruise to fremantle and tour around the Old City of Fremantle.

 Swan Valley Wine Cruise via Captain Cook Cruise
On board the Captain Cook Cruise

Our Cruise
"River Lady"

Arriving Swan Valley Jeti

1st Stop Wine Tasting

Fremantle Free & Easy Cruise Tour
We took the liberty to go for a free & easy Fremantle tour from Perth CBD cruising down south to the Old City of Fremantle for some local delicacies & final walk around @ their market

Chief Original BootCamping (COBC) in Perth CBD, Western Australia (WA)
A trip to Australia for us COBC Bootcamper is incomplete w/o BootCamping in Australia
Original BootCamp Australia
By Chief Brabon
BootCamping in Perth Kings Park - DNA Tower
off Forest Drive (Monday Dusk Session)

We are the Malaysian BootCampers
From Left: May, Patricia, Advance & Me

2 Koalas spotted

Carrying a koala down from the tree

Strength training

Photo session with Sarge Peter
@ Dusk session in Kings Park - DNA Tower

Alpha Strong
- Heavy -

Wednesday Dawn Session with
Senior Sarge Duncan
@ Kings Park

BootCamp Friday Dawn Session
@ Kings Park

And We Ran Perth Chevron City To Surf International Marathon 2012

My Personal Best PB

Journey begins with our focus, determinations & passions