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27 September, 2014


Standard Chartered KL-Marathon 2014
FB Cover Photo of Standard Chartered KL MARATHON 2014

Event: Trial Run for Standard Chartered KL-Marathon 2014 "NEW ROUTE"
Date: Saturday (6th-Sept-2014)
Location: Dataran Merdeka (Kuala Lumpur)
Distance: Full Marathon (42.195km)
No. of Participants: 8 runners

Photo Session w/ SCKLM Organizer b'for Trial Run Flag-Off!
(From Left: Rainer Biemans, Chan Ming Wai, Kelvin Ng CH, Gus Chani,
Kelvin Wan, William Lim TH, Razif Yahya & Joe Liew)
*Photo Courtesy of Gus Ghani

SCKLM 2014 Trial Runners - 8 of us
(From Left: Joe Liew, Gus Ghani, William Lim TH, Kelvin Ng CH,
Chan Ming Wai, Razif Yahya, Kelvin Wan & Azhar Omran)
*Photo Courtesy of Rainer Biemans

The New Route (42.195km)

There were 8 of us who did the Full Marathon Trial Run on the Standard Chartered KL-Marathon 2014 "NEW ROUTE" (42.195km) on the saturday morning of 6th-Sept-2014.

A new marathon route, for the 2nd times in 6 years since the establishment of this Iconic Prime Marathon, the "Standard Chartered KL-Marathon". SCKLM and its organizer Dirigo Events had delicately planned and routed out this new route with love and passion to give runners a great marathon experience in a bird's eye view of our nation's icon of Petronas Twin Towers in the KL SkyLines.  I would have to say it's a fantastic route, that will give many runners a chance to step into the other side of Kuala Lumpur; which is the Ampang side along the Jalan Ampang of many international embassies and into 2 elevated highways of AKLEH and DUKE.

This new route is a rather flat-route with an elevation gain of 383 meter and a max elevation of 113 meter, however though it's flat but this route will push runners' physical endurance as well as their mental endurance to higher limits to complete this interesting New Full Marathon Route.  I personally liked the steep but short elevation climb turning onto DUKE highway, that's a short boost to keep your body pumping at mid point of the full marathon route.

Y'all will be mesmerized and amazed with such a wonderful scenery along this scenic route when you break your sweats in every steps you take.  Our nation's Iconic "Petronas Twin Towers" and KL SkyLines that stands tall and elegantly before the eyes of each runners are visible throughout the new route; from Dataran Merdeka towards Jalan Ampang, then into the elevated AKLEH highway and further out onto the elevated DUKE highway, continue towards Jalan Kuching, back to Bukit Tunku to be shelter by the trees and jungles from the scourching hot sun above our heads and then onto Lake Garden and towards the KTM Train Station Terminal and finally sprint for your life into the "FINISHING LINE".  There are numerous "Photo-Snap-Point" along the New Full Marathon Route, do keep a look out for the scenic KL SkyLine while you are at the water stations.  Even on DUKE highway the elegant KL SkyLine are visible on the far horizon, I found it comforting in all the efforts.

Thanx and a big Applaud to Standard Chartered KL Marathon & Rainer Biemans Director of Dirigo Events , event owner and organizer of the SCKLM for arranging this Trial Run for the SCKLM 2014 new Full Marathon route. Though it was just a trial run, all safety measures of Police & Paramedics escorts was assured and inplace throughout the whole course; a small scale of water stations were stationed accordingly as planned in the Full Marathon route. The trial runners was amazed with the unexpected wonderful arrangement that was professionally & wonderfully planned and carried out.. Kudos to SCKLM & Dirigo Events and its supporting team.

On the Road Photos
* Photo Courtesy of Gus Ghani

* Photo Courtesy of Razif Yahya
(AKA RaYzeef@malaya)

SCKLM 2014 "New Route" COMPLETED!
Time: 5:13 hrs
* Photo Courtesy of Gus Ghani

* Photo courtesy of RunWitMe / CelebRunner

Photo w/ my running mentor KinKok Yum
*Photo Courtesy of KinKok Yum

Photo w/ my running mentor and Kelvin Ng CH

8 of us for post trial run breakfast and
media Q&A session w/ SCKLM organizer

Razif Yahya (AKA Rayzeef@malaya)

 Flag-Off on 12th-OCTOBER-2014

Categories for Standard Chartered KL-Marathon 2014:
(More details available at

1) INDIVIDUAL: For individual runners we have 4 different distances with Open and Veterans categories.
Distance - Full Marathon (42.2km)
Distance - HONDA Half Marathon (21.1km)
Distance - MSIG 10km
Distance - 5km Fun Run

2) RUN FOR A REASON: Raise at least RM500 from your friends, family or the public to get your registration fee reimbursed. Start now by setting up a profile on this website and tell everybody why you are running for a reason.
Distance - Full Marathon (42.2km)
Distance - Half Marathon (21.1km)
Distance - 10km
Distance - 5km

3) KIDS DASH: Kids Dash is a race for children. It is a non-competitive event to encourage kids in running and sports. Two categories are available by reference to age: 1 km for 6-9 years old and 3 km for 10-12 years old. Entries are limited and on a first-come-first-served basis.
Distance - 3km
Distance - 1km

4) CORPORATE CHALLENGE: The Corporate Challenge is a competitive yet fun platform for companies to register and compete as a corporate team, while running for charity. This 10 km race is open to Malaysian companies only. To register, the Company is required to sign up here first.
Distance - 10km

5) MINISTRIES CHALLENGE: This is a 10 km race where you get to run for your Ministry against other Ministries! All registrants run for their respective Ministries and the cumulative finishing times of the top 3 finishers will determine the winner. This race is open to all Malaysia government ministries, departments and agencies only.
Distance - 10km

6) UNIVERSITIES CHALLENGE: This is a 10km, timed challenge. Sign up to represent your university or college and show the other schools how it's done! The cumulative finishing times of the top 3 runners from each school will determine the winner! This race is open to all universities and colleges in Malaysia only.
Distance - 10km

7) GROUP REGISTRATION: Do you want to register as a group? Maybe you and your Teh Tarik friends, your classmates, or your customers? Your group sponsor will pay for the runners. This Group Registration is open to Malaysian residents only. Minimum number of runners per group is 20 and maximum is 100.
Distance - Full Marathon (42.2km)
Distance - Half Marathon (21.1km)
Distance - 10km
Distance - 5km

Elevations for Full Marathon Route

Enjoy a complimentary one way trip
between 3am to 6am if you take the LRT train lines
(as indicated) courtesy of Dirigo Events,
the organiser of the SCKLM 2014.

 For more info on public transportation,

- by:

Standard Chartered KL-Marathon 2014
*Photo Courtesy of Razif Yahya

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26 April, 2014

Daily Quotes !!!

A simple sets of words that touches our Heart & Soul!
- Quotes serves as a reminder & reference to me when I needs that little push, -
I compiled these quotes in here for ease of view & god knows what keywords we will search for quotes in our low tides.  Enjoy!

Daily Quotes!



Heart is the Soul of Our Living,
Put it all in in Goodness!

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