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16 December, 2012

Taipei Fubon International Marathon 2012 (富邦台北国际马拉松)

Event: 2012 Fubon Taipei Marathon
Date: 16th-Dec-2012
Venue: Taipei Civic Boulevard
Distance: 42.195km (FM), 21.0975km (HM), 9km (Police & Fire Dept Run), 3km (Fubon Fun Run) & 2km (Kit Run)

Run Route
The route goes as follows: Jen Ai Road, Taipei City Civic Plaza → Zhongshan Road → Zhongshan Road → →new North Riverside Street (Lin An-tai Old House) → Dajia Riverside Park Riverside Park →wind into the left bank of Riverside Park → U.S. wheat more handsome a bridge embankment Road →into the United States the right bank of the Rainbow Riverside Park, Riverside Park Riverside Park →United States embankment Maruyama right bank of Riverside Park Riverside Park →Bailing Bailing Bailing Bridge, the more the left bank of the causeway Riverside →Dajia Riverside Park Park, Riverside Park →wind tower you → Watergate Road, Tower 5, healthy way you ramp on the elevated road → Keelung Road, wheat handsome two bridge ramp → Guangfu South Road, Xinyi Road →to enter the end of Jen Ai Road, Taipei City Civic Plaza.

Running Routes:
1) Full Marathon Route
2) Half Marathon Route

Our Runners Team!
Our Taipei trip travellers consisted of 8 people of whom 6 runners & 2 non-runners
The Runners consisted of:
1) May Wong
2) Patricia Lim
3) Irink Neo
4) Elgy Tan
5) Wong Jyan
6) Joe Liew (Me)

Taipei Here We Come!
A 7 days Taipei trip on 13rd-Dec-2012 (Thursday) to 19th-Dec-2013 (Wednesday), A leisure trip to relax & shop and A Running trip to achieve breakthrough.

Upon arrival at Taipei, we travel to KaohSiung (Tall Bear) for outlet shopping spree in Eda World, return to Taipei City for our Fubon Marathon; then proceed to Wulai for our step into the nature, follow by venture to the coast of Tansui.

A fun filled trip indeed with sight seeing, shopping spree, feast in the night markets, photograph our self with the wonderfull city of Taipei & finally RUNNING Our Marathon!

Let's go to my picturelogue of our Taipei Fubon Marathon 2012 Trip!

 Breakfast A LCCT (Kuala Lumpur)
for our Air Asia Flight to Taipei

Our Ride to the Hotel in Taipei City

Shopping @ SinKung MitsuKoshi in Taipei, Taiwan

In the spirit of X'mas

Taipei 101 tower

In Taipei 101 mall

Up, Up & Up to the observation deck of Taipei 101 mall

Walking to Taiwan High Rail Train Station
From Left:

Taipei City Hall Metro Station

Morning Walk w/ a puppy in a paper bag

Taking MRT ride to Taiwan High Rail Train Station

Train Tickets Self-Collection from this kiosk
(For our trip to KaohSiung via Taiwan High Speed Rail Train)

Tickets Plz

Tickets Plz

Please check available toilet partitions
prior to entering toilets

All Aboard!
Next Stop - KaohSiung (Tall Bear)

Disembarked @ SiZhiWan Platform in KaohSiung

Next Stop CiJin Island, KaohSiung

Walking to the CiJin Island Pier

A Quad-Cicle ride around CiJin Island

Enroute to Eda World Outlet Mall, KaohSiung

We spent a whole afternoon & evening
discovering *SHOPPING Culture* in Eda Mall

Good Morning Taipei!

BreakFast in the Infamous Yong He Soya
(Local Delicacies)

炸两 / 炸油条

1 of Taiwan Specialties
*Salted Soya Milk / 咸豆浆*

Taiwanese Pancakes & some stuffed breads

Tea Chansii @ Taipei, Taiwan

The Infamous Egg Custard

Ah Zhong Mee Suah (Intestines)

An educational trip stop @ Eslite Book Complex
near Taipei 101 mall

Taipei City Hall
(Taipei Fubon Marathon event location)

Fag-Off / Starting & Finishing Point

Shihlin Nite Market

Push-De-Mug games
in exchange for prices
(Something u dun see in our local pasar malam)



Taiwanese Pin Ball

Taiwanese Hot Dog / Wrap
(U'll be surprise with all the different varieties taiwanese put inside
their hot dogs..such as rice, stinky toufu & many more)

Shilin Market in Taipei

Us in Shilin Market

Dinner Time

Wong Jyan's favourite

Duck Heads.. Lots of them
We were all in AW!

Jason & Irink decided to fish for prawns

Birkenstock Family
Birk In Taiwan!

A Trip to Wulai after our Fubon Marathon

Cable Car / Gondola to Wulai Peak

Exhausted But Excited!

Wulai is full of Greens Nature & STAIRS!

More Stairs to climb

Entrance to the Nature Challenge Theme Park!
Hmm.. where's the them park, we were lost in the nature

Theme park was pretty much abandoned

The morning mist & fogs leave behind traces of raindrops

We are all amazed with the colorfull trace

Walking in de streets of Wulai

A Police Station

Lunch Time! @ TaiYa Poh Poh
(An infamous restaurant for aborigin's cuisine)
They serve great wild boars meat

Roast Wild Boar cuisine

Bon Apetit!

Next stop..Hot Spring!

A warm & relaxing hot spring session for our legs & mind

Group Hot Spring!
(From Left: Pat, Irink, May, Jason, Me, Jyan, Joey & Elgy)

Next Stop! 7-Eleven

Eat-Along dinner @ XiMenDing Ah Zhong MeeSuah

Group Photo w/ Hoods

UniQlo Shopping in XiMenDing

TanSui / 淡水 day trip

Jyan & Joey's favourite
(Pig's blood gelatine & some fish balls)

We frequent 7-Eleven often
The varieties is way much more better than our local 7-Eleven

TanSui famous..
Ah-Ge (Bean Curd stuffed with clear vermicelli noodle & fish paste)

Sour Plum Tea

Timberland design ur own shoe in
ShinKong Mitsukoshi

Taiwan Famous Hot & Spicy / 麻辣 steamboat

Morning breakfast

On Board Air Asia flight
(We've got a whole section of this plan all to ourself)

Jyan was shy with all us Paparazi

Shopping Spree.. even in de plane
(In-Flight Shopping)

Our Marathon

Visually Impaired Athlete from Hong Kong
guided by 2 guide runners

We Did It!

A Great Trip!
It was indeed a great trip, strong bonding of understanding, encouragements & determination to achieve the unthinkable. To learn & observe things & cultures around us & most importantly we believe that we ourself are "I - M - POSSIBLE", for we achieve our own life long marathon. 

"When there's A WILL, U Can & U Will Do It!"

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